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September 8 2012

Blast in Atyrau: what is the story?

Law enforcement bodies keep silence about the investigation over the explosion of a self-made bomb killing one person on September 5 in a private house in one of the Atyrau districts. Obviously, the investigators are working out versions, including the one related to terrorism. Therefore we only may refer to our sources outside of force structures and our own evidences.

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Soil contamination found in Karabatan

A huge soil contamination was spotted in the area of NCOC’s Gas Processing Plant in Karabatan, posing such a risk that a single spark may cause big fire and spread to the plant. The pollution covers both the plant area and neighboring territories. The latter had been the location of the major contractor of Agip and NCOC – the Italian Bonatti Company, which finalized its activities inKarabatan and has almost been withdrawn from the project. 


Stay Home!

On September 7, the city court #2 issued an arrest warrant in relation to Baurzhan DZHAISSANOV, the ex-head of the Atyrau Oblast department for energy and housing-communal services. 


September 7 2012

Where are the brothers and Nakpayev and who the public prosecutor had in mind?

So far, whereabouts of ex-akim of Atyrau Oblast, as well as ex-deputy akim Salimzhan NAKPAYEV (convicted for ‘Arbitrariness’ to 4 years of imprisonment as per Article 327, part 3 of RoK Criminal Code) is unknown. 

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Shezhire: Kazakh Family Tree

The legend goes that the Prophet Noah after the Great Flood left the arc and built the house, planted trees and the life took its own course. He was called ‘the second Adam’ and his three sons Sam, Ham and Japheth gave life to new generations of people. Kazakhs believe that Japheth became their progenitor, who in his turn had three sons: Chin, Turan and Chin-Mazhin. We believe that we descended from the middle son Turan, who gave birth to Turks, Massagets, Kassakhs, Sakhs, etc. 

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From curiosity to tango world

Our reader Mira Kartbayeva in her article tells about tango, a fascinating dance that won the worldwide success before and after WWI, had its Golden Age in the mid 1930s and its Dark Ages in 1955 when it was persecuted and pushed underground and then again had a fabulous renaissance throughout the world. She also tells about her tango instructor Daniel Pasquino, who after his work hours teaches tango in Atyrau.

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Police colonel to commit suicide if fails test

Recently a newspaper from Uralsk published an article titled Colonel Uteshev Promised to Kill Himself.

Certainly, the news attracted readers’ interest by describing the non-nonsense rage occurred in the oblast’s police department after an unscheduled evaluation of police officers.

The story tells that the head of internal security at the oblast police department Kuangali UTESHEV was shocked when two days after showing excellent performance at the test he was suggested to resign.  

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September 5 2012

Blast in Atyrau (updated)

Today, during the lunch time, a blast took place in a private house located at the Moldagulova-Bautin street intersection (near the Atyrau Microdistrict) in Atyrau.

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Dossym Satpayev: Whose folder is thicker?

After Ryskaliyev’s dismissal, Atyrau, a remote city from the Ak Orda (Presidential residence in Astana), has become the epicenter of political intrigues and plunged into high-profile scandals, including a tragicomedic one such as the demarche of local deputies. The recent visit of the Nur Otan Party First Deputy Chairman N. Nigmatullin, confessions of General Prosecutor A. Daulbayev and the chief of Financial Police R. Tusupbekov about the high caliber corruption in Atyrau Oblast did not cast light upon the true situation. Ak Zhaik asked a famous political scientist, a candidate of political sciences, the head of Risk Assessment Group Dossym SATPAYEV to give his evaluation of the political situation around the governor’s dismissal.

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September 4 2012

Baishonas and Eskene to be relocated at E&P KMG's expense

On September 2, in the Atyrau Hotel the First Deputy Akim of the Oblast Gumar DUISEMBAYEV and General Director of JSC Exploration Production KazMunayGas Alik AIDARBAYEV signed a memorandum on allocation of 6.6bn tenge by the oil company for social programs of the region.


September 3 2012

Governor dissatisfied over the condition of public schools

On Monday, September 3, the Oblast Akim Baktykozha IZMUKHAMBETOV held a conference, where he presented the new heads of oblast departments of National Security Committee, financial police, internal affairs and the oblast prosecutor’s office.

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Stolen by hard work

Extract from the speech addressed by General Prosecutor Askhat DAULBAYEV at the meeting with the core group of Atyrau Oblast on August 31


Deputies committed a political mistake

On August 31, the Atyrau Branch of Nur Otan Party hosted the conference of the oblast core group with participation of the Speaker of Mazhilis of the Parliament and the First Deputy Head of the Party Nurlan NIGMATULLIN, Prosecutor General Askhat DAULBAYEV, Head of Financial Police Rasheed TUSUPBEKOV and the new governor Baktykozha IZMUKHAMBETOV.  


Do they read in Atyrau?

What do they read in Atyrau and do they read at all? An interesting data was obtained by the sociologists of Almaty Institute of Political Research. It turned out that Atyrau is among the three cities of Kazakhstan whose people are not much of readers. Is it true indeed? – Our reporter found this out by quizzing the salespeople of local book shops.


September 1 2012

Looking at the World through Their Eyes

On September 1, the Art Center Ak Zhelken hosted the republican symposium on the subject of city plein air. Besides 3 artists from Almaty, 16 artists from Aktobe, Aktau, Uralsk arrived in Atyrau to demonstrate their works at the Altyn Kayik Contest organized by Culture Center Zheruyik public foundation.  


August 31 2012

Media closed under pressure

In Atyrau, two republican newspapers with the ten-year publishing history in the city, were closed due to pressure exerted on employees by owners of the newspapers, according to Interfax-Kazakhstan.


August 29 2012

Salvational Update

On August 28 Atyrau City Court #1 issued a decision to reject the claim of Labor and Public Social Protection Department on admission of discrimination facts in foreign companies.


August 28 2012

Finpol probe Atyrau deals

On August 21, 2012 in accordance with the RoK General Prosecution’s audit materials Financial Police launched criminal proceedings upon the abuse of authority committed by the officials of Atyrau Oblast Akimat during decision-making on communal facilities privatization and sales for undervalued prices, hereby incurring major damage to the state.

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August 27 2012

About the open letter of deputies

Review of the open letter of deputies

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Akimat being turned upside down

Today, the sources in the Oblast Akimat again, with even bigger determination, confirmed the information about the prosecution’s audit in the building – the full-scale audit of financial and economic activities of the ex-governor Bergei Ryskaliyev's team.

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August 25 2012

Open letter to the people of Atyrau Oblast

Open letter to the people of Atyrau Oblast on behalf of the deputies of the city and oblast maslikhats and activists of the oblast branch Nur Otan People’s Democratic Party


August 23 2012

Home Alone

Allegations of various media about the arrest of the former governor Bergei RYSKALIYEV in the Atyrau airport in an attempt to leave the country are not true. There are charter flights available in Aktau, Uralsk and Atyrau - feel free to escape. Should you board in a private plane without any registration and fly away, nobody would know it. Currently the ex-akim is under home arrest. A source in a force structure told our newspaper about the emerging scandal around the ex-administrators of the oblast and the other facts.

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One flew over the Hawk’s nest

“As per the Presidential Decree, Bergei RYSKALIYEV is relieved from his position as the Akim of Atyrau Oblast due to health conditions,” the official report states.
To recall, when presenting the new akim, 64 year old Baktykozha IZMUKHAMBETOV, President Nursultan NAZARBAYEV pointing out the merits of young Ryskaliyev stated the latter would be assigned to another position. But he didn’t say a word about his health. 

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New chief of police appointed

On August 20, the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Amantai KURANBEKOV introduced Arman ZHALMUKHANBETOV (on photo), a new head of oblast police, to the staff of the Atyrau Oblast Internal Affairs Department.

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New mayor charged with missions

On Monday, the new Akim of Atyrau Oblast Baktykozha Izmukhambetov appointed the new mayor of Atyrau Serik Aidarbekov who earlier held the post of deputy governor of the oblast.