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Suspect survived in the Kulsary operation was arrested

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The only terrorism suspect to survive in the special operation in the city of Kulsary has been arrested.

On September 22, City Court #2 sanctioned a two-month arrest for 20-year-old Aldiyar SAPAROV, born in the Makhambet District. He is being charged with terrorism.

"On September 12, 2012, Saparov, within an organized group, showed armed resistance to police, received a wound and was hospitalized," reads the press release of the Oblast Court.

The Central Hospital of the Zhylyoi District diagnosed infiltrative fragment wounds in his abdomen along with damage inflicted on inner organs. The next day after surgery he was transported to the Oblast Hospital in Atyrau.

This is the fifth arrest within the range of investigation of the self-explosion that took place on September 5 in a private house at Moldagulova Street, Atyrau. (See Blast in Atyrau)


September 24 2012, 17:53

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