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May 16

‘Immodest behaviour’. Tokayev gave instructions to the Ministry of Internal Affairs after a video with a policeman on horseback  

President Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev instructed the Minister of Internal Affairs to conduct and internal investigation into the head of the Atyrau Oblast Police Department, Ayan Duisembayev.


January 15

Mass death of fish in the Ural River: “KNB might be investigating this, but we don’t know.”

An Interdepartmental Commission, set up under the auspices of the Akimat of Atyrau Oblast, has not yet established the reasons for the mass death of fish in the Ural River, which occurred in early December 2018. A correspondent from “AZh” talked to the Deputy Chairman of the ‘Committee for Forestry and Wildlife’, Nariman Zhunusov in Astana, about this. He reports “still nothing new” in respect of new information as to causes for the fish deaths. 


April 29 2016

North Caspian Sea Project supported ISO certification of 17 local companies Pr

On April 22, North Caspian Operating Company N.V. (NCOC), the Operator of the North Caspian Sea Project held ISO Certification Award Ceremony to 17 local companies (ISO9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000). All of them successfully passed the training conducted by Quality Management Centre (QMC LLP) and were certified by Rina Services SpA Kazakhstan. Training and certification costs were covered by NCOC as part of its special long-term Local Vendor Development program.


March 3 2015

It is time to close the chapter of Caspian Sulfur Company case

Last week the Chairman of the RoK Supreme Court Kairat Mami visited Atyrau and subjected to sharp criticism the work of the judges of the Atyrau specialized inter-district economic court (hereinafter -ASIEC). He accused them of falsifications and unwillingness to work. It’s been nearly 7 years now that I, as the representative of the Kazakhstan company, challenge in all judicial instances the recognized legitimate right for 30% of share in the charter capital, as well as due dividends in Caspian Sulfur Company LLP (hereinafter - "CSC"), and I am compelled to recognize the fairness of Kairat Mami’s statements.


August 26 2014

Kashagan pipe going all to pieces

Since the pipeline incident and stoppage of crude production, no news on Kashagan and Karabatan came. Our journalistic inquiries addressed to the NCOC media service still remain unanswered. Informal sources only told us repair works at two wells at A and D islands have recently been completed. 


August 25 2014

Atyrau free of Ebola for now

At a meeting of the Atyrau consumer rights department with reps of international companies was announced that no people have been diagnosed with Ebola disease in Atyrau oblast for the moment. 


May 6 2014

Losers are liers?

It’s been 6 years now since TINGS LLP tries to get back 30% of shares in authorized capital of the foreign company Caspian Sulfa Company LLP (further – CSC), belonging to TINGS on lawful grounds and on the basis of court rulings that took legal effect.


March 4 2014

It’s Never Been Done Before: Emerson now in Atyrau

Emerson, the global leader in engineering and cutting edge technologies inaugurated new Atyrau office on February 19.


November 27 2013


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November 20 2013

Extremist gets 20 years

A court in Atyrau sentenced Orynbassar Munatov, 26, a follower of an extremist religious movement, to 20 years of imprisonment in a maximum security penal colony.


Geolog flyover 'nearly' open

Closed for reconstruction in July, the Geolog railway bridge over the motorway to Karabatan has almost been finished.


November 19 2013

Museum marked tenge birthday: Back to 1USD=4.75KZT times

The regional museum of local lore hosted a money exhibition devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Kazakh currency.


November 18 2013

November 17 - Road toll mourning day

A pair of Kamaz long vehicles carrying car debris cruised on the main streets of Atyrau on the day.

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November 13 2013

Kazakhstan daily losing $18-20m from Kashagan stoppage - expert

The consortium is tight-lipped as the production stalling at Kashagan is likely to continue indefinitely, and the longer the silence is the worse are forecasts


Miss Atyrau 2013 selected

Nazerke Faizulina, 16, has become the Miss Atyrau 2013 title holder


October 24 2013

Tajik-Afghan border veterans want status similar to WWII soldiers

Participants of battles at the Tajik-Afghan border request the country president to equalize their status to the Great Patriotic War veterans


Assel - lifeguard in skirt

Prior to the Day of Rescuer, Atyrau citizen Assel Zulpibekova was given the reward of valour.


October 21 2013


Ak Zhaik's "Place Ad" receives advertisements from individuals.

The service is free of charge for the moment.


October 17 2013

TCO bus crashes into house (+update, +update)

Late October 10, a big size shuttle bus belonging to Tengizchevroil LLP crashed into a residential house at 211 Moldagulova Street in Atyrau and knocked down half the building.


October 11 2013

Kashagan halts again - troubles seem to go 'normal'

As the 8th Kazenergy Eurasian Forum held with the clink of champaign glasses marking Kashagan's commercial crude output reaching daily 75,000 barrels, a bad news came from the field - the oil flow stalled another time on October 9.

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October 10 2013

Minister Kapparov: Defective pipe - reason for leak

October 6, after repair works were over at Bolashak plant, wells at Kashagan were started again to resume crude production, as NCOC's press service reported.

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KMG, Shell sign memo

October 9, at the 8th Kazenergy Eurasian Forum in Astana, Kazmunaygas JSC signed a memorandum of understanding with Shell Kazakhstan Development B.V for scientific technological development of Kazakh oil and gas sector, as part of a road map adopted last May.


October 9 2013

Wanted governor Bergei Ryskaliyev's father dies

Saulebai Ryskaliyev, the father of the former governor of Atyrau Oblast Bergei Ryskaliyev, died at the age of 78 in Aktobe.


October 8 2013

TCO gives no comment over FGP approval

Tengizchevroil turned down an enquiry for more details, after Kazakhstan approved its key production boost project.

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October 4 2013

Atyrau to mark 373rd anniversary

Atyrau is preparing for its 373rd birthday on October 5. City authorities say arrangements are being made with the greatest possible accuracy.