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January 11 2019

“They tied me up with scotch tape and took 23 million tenge”

Three criminals – two young men and a girl - carried out a daring attack on a pregnant woman in her own home,  during which they stole 23m tenge. The incident took place in the residential complex “Tomiris” on Valikhanov Street, Atyrau, on January 8. The police were immediately alerted and after a hot pursuit of the robbers, succeeded in detaining them.


February 29 2016

​Smuggled Horns and Hides

On February 24, at the check point in Baida village of Kurmangazy District, the frontier guards arrested smuggled goods.


February 15 2016

​Turkish citizen assaulted in Atyrau

As Internal Affairs Department press service reported, the criminal police detained 27-y.o resident of Atyrau who on February 8, approx. at 20.30 together with another suspect committed assault against 37-y.o citizen of Turkey.


February 5 2016

​Deported for throwing a cigarette stub

The citizen of Uzbekistan has been deported from Kazakhstan for throwing a cigarette stub.


February 2 2016

​Prosecutor's office investigates why border guards didn't find a large batch of heroin

Criminal investigation initiated by military prosecutor's office of the western region upon detection by the Russian frontier guards of 33 kg of heroin has temporarily suspended. The military prosecutor of the western region Zhanbolat Aiekenov reported this during the briefing about the results of the year.


January 13 2016

​Big secret of such a small company

Criminal case against foreign employees of Atyrau branch of BMT ARGOS BV, two British engineers without proper education and appropriate qualification has been suspended.

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December 12 2015

​Court ordered to arrest the heads of construction department

As we already reported, on December 7, in Atyrau the head of city construction department S. Zhumashbaev, his deputy S. Kairov and U.R., the technical director of one of private companies, have been detained on suspicion in appropriation of someone else's property and bribe taking (see "In Atyrau the head of city construction department and his deputy have been detained").


December 4 2015

Hoax Caller Gets Jail Sentence

On December 3, the Atyrau city court #2 pronounced a sentence concerning M. T., the resident of Almaty region according to Art. 273 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan ("Deliberately false report about an act of terrorism").


December 2 2015

​Stopped the train

On November 26 on the railroad in the Zhyloi Distrct cargo train with fuel oil has been stopped on an emergency basis.


November 11 2015

​Gift from Atyrau nearly put Mom into prison

Mother gave her son a gift - a piece of sturgeon fish - to take with him when he travelled to Astana and was nearly put to prison.


November 9 2015

​Grave mistake made by operator in Tengiz caused serious bodily harm (updated)

Zhyloi district court delivered verdict in relation to TCO operator pursuant to item 2 of Article 156 of RoK Criminal Code ("Violation of safety rules that caused serious harm to health").

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​False police officer detained in Atyrau

One more false police officer (see "Thief liked police uniform") has been detained in Atyrau.


November 4 2015

​Murder near betting office

In Atyrau near betting office located at the crossing of Dosmukhamedov and Moldagulova streets a group of people had a fight during which 26-y.o. security guard of betting office died on the spot from knife wounds.


October 30 2015

​Atyrau citizen committed suicide in Shymkent

Man who committed suicide in shopping center was 42-y.o. resident of Atyrau who was visiting in Shymkent.


October 24 2015

​Officials were caught taking bribe in the amount of 1,5 million

On October 20, the employees of the Department for public service and corruption control of Atyrau Oblast detained the head of housing and communal services department of Zhyloi District on suspicion in bribe taking of 1,6 million tenge.


September 17 2015

Expats with fake diplomas

No man, no problem – that's what they think in the Migration police administration of the regional Internal Affairs Department, if to judge by very poor results of their audit of migration legislation violations conducted on employees of Atyrau branch of BMT ARGOS B.V. company.

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September 8 2015

​Two Sisters Shot Dead in Avangard, Gunman Commits Suicide

Today, September 8, approximately at 11.00 in Avangard district of Atyrau double murder occurred when the man shot dead two persons and then committed suicide.


August 11 2015

​Inhabitant of Atyrau region sentenced to 8 years for sexual harassment of 6-y.o old girl

Kurmangazy district court of Atyrau region has sentenced 30-y.o. inhabitant of Kudryashevo village to 8 years of imprisonment for harassment of 6 year old girl.district court reports.


August 7 2015

​Four employees suffered thermal burns in Tengiz

On the night of 3 August at Tengiz field 4 employees suffered hot steam burns.


August 6 2015

​Whose trap nets fishery inspection is guarding?

Multiple fishing trap nets are installed on the water territories that are supposed to be under the protection of Atyrau regional territorial inspection of forestry and fauna (i.e. fish conservation agency). After the trip to the Caspian Sea one question is still bothering the mind: from whom they are protecting the sea?


July 29 2015

​Ex-Governor's Case. Consideration of Cassational Appeals Started

Consideration of cassational appeals of the participants of former Atyrau Oblast Governor Bergey Ryskaliev's criminal community, condemned in criminal case, has started.


​Pedophile sentenced to 17 years

On July 27, specialized inter-district criminal court sentenced pedophile who for three years abused his younger stepsister. He is sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment in maximum security penal colony.


July 10 2015

UK citizen fined for no work permit

The specialized administrative court of Atyrau passed the decision concerning Gray Craig David- the citizen of Great Britain, who worked at Kashagan project without permit documents.

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July 1 2015

Three men in a boat or two versions of shoot-out on the riverside

On June 26 there was a clash between the residents of Besikty village and employees of fisheries inspection. Firearms have been brought out and three criminal cases have been initiated.