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​Court ordered to arrest the heads of construction department

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By Azamat Maitanov

Image 0As we already reported, on December 7, in Atyrau the head of city construction department S. Zhumashbaev, his deputy S. Kairov and U.R., the technical director of one of private companies, have been detained on suspicion in appropriation of someone else's property and bribe taking (see "In Atyrau the head of city construction department and his deputy have been detained").

They've been incriminated an embezzlement in especially large amounts of the budgetary funds allocated for the construction of additional buildings to city schools.

As the sources in law enforcement agencies reported, on December 10, the city court # 2 issued a sanction to arrest all three suspects and place them for two months in pre-trial detention center.

December 12 2015, 14:32

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