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Ex-Governor case

August 3 2015

​Ex- Governor's Case. Dyusenbaev was caught and sentenced to imprisonment

One more person involved in “Bergei Ryskaliyev's organized criminal group" - former director of “ATG Kurylys" LLP Zhanbolat Dyusenbaev was sentenced by the specialized inter-district court on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast to 10 years of imprisonment in high-security prison with confiscation of property.


March 17 2015

Ex-Governor’s Case. Sentences left without changes

The complaints of the condemned in relation to “ex-governor Bergei Ryskaliev’s case” the appeal judicial board on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast regional court left without satisfaction. The sentence concerning the condemned was left without change. The announcement of the decision on the this case took place on March 17.


January 20 2015

Ex-Governor’s Case. Appeals hearings will start on February 2

The appeal board of Atyrau regional court will start the hearings of all appeals submitted by the defendants that do not accept the court verdict on the criminal case of “Bergei Ryskaliev's organized criminal group”on February 2.


December 7 2014

Prosecutors challenge“soft sentencing”

Public prosecutors filed a protest appeal on November 14 against the sentence passed by the specialized interdistrict court on criminal cases regarding the case of Bergey Ryskaliev's organized criminal group. Prosecutors consider that the sentence is “illegal” in some parts and demand to toughen the punishment.


November 19 2014

Ex-Governor’s Case. Lawyers’ opinions after pronouncement of sentence (+update)

Some of the sentenced persons in the ex-govenor Bergei Ryskaliyev’s case said they intend to appeal against the sentence.


November 14 2014

Ex-Governor’s Case. Sentence has been passed (UPDATED)

Today, November 14, the pronouncement of sentence is ongoing  in the specialized interdistrict court on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast in the case of ex-governor Bergei Ryskaliev’s organized criminal group.


November 11 2014

Ex-Governor’s Case. Sentencing postponed till November 14

Pronouncement of sentence  in the case of ex-governor Bergei Ryskaliev’s organized criminal group in specialized interdistrict court on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast has been postponed from November 10 till November 14.


May 21 2014

Ex-Governor’s Case. “SnabOil” LLP block

The block of files concerning Aibat Suleimenov, businessman and former deputy of the city maslikhat (regional government executive committee) was divided into several episodes: “Construction of landfill for solid household waste”, “Construction of children's rest camp in the village of Almaly of Makhambet district”, “Construction of concert hall for 1 200 places with museum of  modern arts in Atyrau” and “Construction of sewer treatment facilities in left-bank part of Atyrau”.


March 4 2014

Ex-Governor’s Case. Azbergenova continues hunger strike

Last Thursday, Feb 27, the scheduled court session was cancelled due to absence of the defendant Gulmira Azbergenova (ex-chief accountant of AktobeHausConstraction LLP and BNB Construction LLP), who is in a pre-trial detention center.


February 13 2014

Ex-Governor’s Case. Kindergardens in Basements

According to Faruza Shangereeva, who occupied the position of the head of the city education department from October, 2011 till July, 2012, the basement floors belonged to ex-governor’s son-in-law.


Ex-Governor’s Case. Gulmira Azbergenova on hunger strike

As we've already reported on Feb 3 the defendant Gulmira Azbergenova (ex-chief accountant of AktobeHauseConstraction LLP and BNB Construction LLP) went on hunger strike, demanding to change the measure of restraint from arrest to travel restrictions (see "Court resumes hearing of Ryskaliyev's OCG Case”).


February 11 2014

Ex-Governor’s Case. “Apartments”: Aliyev and others

On Monday, Feb 10, in Atyrau specialized inter-district court on criminal cases the hearings of ex-governor Bergei Ryskaliyev's case continued. Nazmi Aliyev, AB Group LLP director’s adviser was summoned to appear as a witness. Aliyev said that he was undergoing medical treatment and was compelled to arrive on court’s warrant to appear.


February 6 2014

Ex-Governor's Case. Amanzhan Ryskali's Video Message

On Feb 6, the Atyrau specialized inter-district court on criminal cases continued hearing witnesses. The court played the fugitive Amanzhan Ryskali's video message. The recording is dated Feb 23, 2013. The court demanded and obtained the video from Atyrau city court No. 2 as per the lawyer T. Moukhatanova’s request, but it wasn’t explained at the court how this video appeared in judicial materials of another criminal case.


February 5 2014

Court resumes hearing of Ryskaliyev's OCG case (+update, + video)

Today, Feb 5, the specialized inter-district court on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast continued the hearing of witnesses. Prior to the court session the presiding judge Gulmira Dauletova voiced the requests of the lawyers and their defendants.


February 3 2014

Ryskaliyev's OCG trial postponed until Feb 5

Today, February 3, the chairwoman of specialized inter-district court on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast Gulmira Dauletova announced that court sessions are postponement until Feb 5 due to fact that one of the defendants was hospitalized.


January 31 2014

Ryskaliyev's OCG Trial. Hearing of Witnesses

Yesterday, Jan 30, the specialized inter-district court on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast started hearing of witnesses involved in ex-governor Bergey Ryskaliyev's criminal case.


January 29 2014

Ryskaliev's organized criminal group. Indictment

Yesterday, January 28, was the fourth day of court proceedings and the third day when two state accusers read in turns the indictment.


January 23 2014

“Ryskaliev's OCG” trial begins in Atyrau court (photos+video)

“Bergey Ryskaliyev's organized criminal group” case began today, December 23, in the specialized inter-district court on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast.