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Court resumes hearing of Ryskaliyev's OCG case (+update, + video)

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By Saule Tasboulatova

Photo:Kanat Eleuov Photo:Kanat Eleuov Today, Feb 5, the specialized inter-district court on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast continued the hearing of witnesses. Prior to the court session the presiding judge Gulmira Dauletova voiced the requests of the lawyers and their defendants.

Altogether there were three requests: the defendant K. Kadyrov (ex-director of Asiamarket C LLP) requested to give evidences in the Kazakh language; the lawyer Zhoubanysheva (the defendant Esetov’s lawyer) requested to check the bank accounts of one of the witnesses (Altynai Kayrzhanova), and also the request from the lawyer Aitenova to change the measure of restraint concerning her defendant Goulmira Azbergenova (ex-chief accountant of AktobeHouseConstruction LLP and BNB Construction LLP) who is under arrest. The lawyer said that in case the request is rejected, her defendant Azbergenova intends to go on hunger strike.

- Azbergenova is a sick person, she suffers from allergy. She has children and she couldn’t attend her daughter’s wedding. If she was on the run from the police, she would havecontinued to hide out from police. On the contrary, she came to financial police herself. But the rumors are that she was put on a wanted list... I would ask to choose any other less restrictive preventive measure for Azbergenova, - said the lawyer.

But the court satisfied only one request: the defendant Kadyrov was given the opportunity to express himself in the court in the Kazakh language. The lawyer Aitenova’s request to change  measure of restraint for Azberegnova was left without satisfaction.

- The issue about measures of restraint is a serious issue. Your request is rejected. In the future in the middle stage of the proceedings you have the right to approach with this request again. Hunger strike that you are going to launch is not the basis for changing the measure of restraint. You shouldn't interfere with the work of the court, - said Dauletova.

Also Dauletova gave reproof to the defendant Ibragim Amirov, ex- deputy head of construction department of Atyrau Oblast, who came late to the court session. Amirov is under the house arrest. The judge reminded that being late to the court session is regarded as prevention to court’s work. In case of repeated violation, the court has the right to change the measure of restraint, said the judge.

During an intersession break I talked to the lawyer Raikhan Aitenova, who said that her defendant Goulmira Azbergenova officially went on hunger strike on Monday:

- She is on hunger strike. It’s been 2 or 3 days. A medical unit checks if she really is on hunger strike.

Aitenova said that she wasn’t sure if Azbergenova would continue hunger strike in connection with the fact that court rejected her request.

In the morning session the hearing of witnesses, involved in illegal deals with 9 apartments on 35 Satpayev Street, continued. During the hearing the lawyer T. Moukhatanov requested to demonstrate a certain video where Аmanzhan Ryskali is featured:

- Earlier the city court reviewed a criminal case against Erkin Moldashev and Amanzhan Ryskali's video was filed to the case as a material evidence. I would ask to show this video before other witnesses are heard. Some questions that the court is asking the witnesses will, simply, become irrelevant and, visa versa, new questions may arise, - said Moukhatanov.                  – This video is relevant to all nine apartments.

The court satisfied this request. Currently the inquiry has been sent to the chief of the city court # 2 to provide the video with Amanzhan Ryskali’s video message and written message.

February 5 2014, 15:12

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