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Ex-Governor’s Case. Azbergenova continues hunger strike

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By Saule Tasboulatova

Gulmira Azbergenova. Photo: Kanat EleuovGulmira Azbergenova. Photo: Kanat EleuovLast Thursday, Feb 27, the scheduled court session was cancelled due to absence of the defendant Gulmira Azbergenova (ex-chief accountant of AktobeHausConstraction LLP and BNB Construction LLP), who is in a pre-trial detention center.

As it became clear later, Azbergenova was unable to come to the court because of health problems. According to her lawyer Bakbergen Aitmambetov, she is continuing hunger strike that she started on Feb 3 and calls it a desperate measure. The court hasn’t satisfied her appeal to change the measure of restraint from arrest to travel restriction (see “Ex-Governor’s Case. Gulmira Azbergenova's hunger strike”).

- On Feb 27 she was taken bad in the cell. She said that her kidneys packed in. Doctors made injections and managed to save her. Since Monday, March 3, she is present at the court, - said the lawyer.

According to the lawyer Aitmambetov, his client continues hunger strike:

- I am surprised how she endures it. When she felt bad, I visited her, but she couldn’t see us due to her state of health.

According to the lawyer, except medical assistance, there is no other reaction to hunger strike.

- Will you file another appeal for changing her measure of restraint?

- Yes, we will. But I don’t think that things will change.

- Why do you think so?

- I don't know the answer. She is the only woman among the defendants who are now under arrest, although there are a few other defendants with similar indictments, but they are under travel restrictions. Here I can only say that they have selective approach.

March 4 2014, 18:00

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