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​Stopped the train

December 2 2015, 18:12

By Ainur Saparova

Image 0On November 26 on the railroad in the Zhyloi Distrct cargo train with fuel oil has been stopped on an emergency basis.

– On Kulsary - Makat section near Shokpartogai siding the train driver was compelled to apply emergency braking, because he spotted foreign objects on rails that were hindering traffic safety, - said Berik Kulmagambetov, the Atyrau transport prosecutor.

On suspicion of having committed a crime four Shokpartogai village residents (17 and 18-year-old) have been detained. In their relation criminal case according to part 1 of Art. 350 of RoK Criminal Code has been initiated ("Deliberate damaging of transportation means or transport routes "). Whether they did it from hooligan motives or any other – will be cleared up by the investigation. The punishment may vary in the range from a penalty till four years of imprisonment.

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