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​Who kidnapped the auditor from Astana?

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By Azamat Maitanov

Image 0Police officers from Atyrau reported that they caught "in hot pursuit" the auditor who was kidnapped, but they keep silence concerning the details of this case.

Ak Zhaik newspaper learnt from its own sources in law enforcement agencies, that, possibly, one of heads of the regional branch has been involved in kidnapping of the auditor of one of the major parent oil and gas company.

- The victim was in Atyrau on business trip where he audited the work of the branch company and found some violations in financial and economic activity. The head of the branch who was on holiday at that time, instructed his employees to intercept the auditor at the airport for further " proactive conversation", - said the source.

There is also another version of this incident: the conflict between the victim and the director simply developed because of money debt.

Anyway, kidnapping failed because the victim's acquaintances immediate;y called the police. Two branch employees were detained and they gave evidences against their boss. The name of the head who practices such methods of disputes solution is not disclosed by law enforcement agencies.

- He has very influential patrons in Astana. Perhaps, this case will be "settled", and the ones who are held responsible will be employees who obeyed the instructions of the boss, - added our source.

To recall, on July 22, a man called the police station to report that his acquaintance was kidnapped at Atyrau international airport by unknown people. The man informed that two unknown people stole his car and then violently forced his acquaintance - the resident of Astana who was here on business trip, into the car. They threatened them with and item that looked like a gun.

Police officers managed to detain two residents of Atyrau (31 and 24-y.o.). The investigation has been launched as per RoK Criminal Code -Art. 192 (robbery), Art. 125 (kidnapping) and Art. 200 (stealing of car).

August 4 2015, 12:03

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