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​Atyrau citizen committed suicide in Shymkent

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Image 0Man who committed suicide in shopping center was 42-y.o. resident of Atyrau who was visiting in Shymkent.

According to the police information the man jumped off from the height of 3 storey-house onto the ice skating-ring located at MEGA shopping and recreation center.

"On October 29, at 10pm the unknown man jumped off from the height of 3 storey-house onto the skating-ring located in one of the shopping centers in Shymkent. This message was received by the Al-Farabi department of city police. Police officers identified the personality of the deceased who was the resident of Atyrau, born in 1973. The man died in intensive care unit of city hospital", - reads the police official statement.

Police refused to disclose the name and surname of the suicide, referring to ethical reasons and the request of the relatives of the deceased. A pre-judicial investigation has been initiated under article 105 of Criminal Code of Kazakhstan – "Forcible suicide".

To recall, on the eve of the tragedy dozens of visitors of Mega-center in Shymkent became witnesses of terrible incident. The man jumped over the fencing of gallery of the third floor and dumped down. On the first floor of the building there is an ice skating-rink. According to information posted by shocked eyewitnesses in social networks, it took a long time for ambulance to arrive on time.

Translated by Zeena Urynbassarova

October 30 2015, 09:54

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