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April 2 2013

Staff sorted out

On March 27 there was one issue on the agenda of the extraordinary session of Atyrau Oblast Maslikhat: establishment of the oblast cadre personnel commission within the framework of amendments to the civil service legislation that came into force on March 26.


April 1 2013

New Chief of Police Appointed in Kulsary

The press service of Atyrau Oblast Department of Internal Affairs reports that instead of dismissed police chief Serik Erboulekov, after Kulsary policemen were involved in rape case, (see “Cops involved in rape in Kulsary”), new Kulsary police chief has been appointed.


Fish protection action ”Bekire-2013” (Sturgeon-2013) starts in Atyrau on April 1

Large-scale fish protection action “Bekire-2013” starts on April 1, 2013 in Atyrau aimed at preservation of fish stock, reads the press service report of the Ministry of environmental protection.


March 30 2013

Sauna with “extra services”

The security guard was caught red-handed in one of the saunas in Atyrau when he was providing prostitutes to the clients.  


March 29 2013

Atyrau gas-chemical complex to hold public hearings on April 4

KPI Inc. LLP announced about forthcoming public hearings on environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the project “Integrated gas-chemical complex in Atyrau Oblast”.


March 28 2013

Gerold Belger: Proud to hear I am the last Kazakh, but I am a German and will never deny it

Kazakh lifestyle, folklore, traditions, behavior, habits and tastes he absorbed in childhood made him the first outlander to thoroughly understand the very essence of Kazakh people and think the same way. Thanks to his all-round education, natural nobleness and firm commitment to principles he won the respect that gives him the right to speak on behalf of Kazakhs, at that, to voice things that my be perceived otherwise if said by any other non-Kazakh. For a reason, people call him Gereke, Belgibai, “the last Kazakh”.


March 27 2013

Man plans, fails attack on police in Aktobe, gets 8 years

Man, accused of preparing attacks on Kandyagash police department and KNB HQ, was sentenced to 8 years. Investigation revealed that Rauan Faizullayev had been hiding explosives and weaponry in a kindergarten.


Aktau port to expand

Kazakhstan will expand its ferry fleet. According to Askar Zhumagaliyev, the RoK Minister of Transport and Communications, there is currently a need for expansion of the ferry fleet and increase of the volume of transported freights, as local shipping companies transport only oil and the bulks of dry goods and ferry freights are transported by foreign companies, reads the Minister’s report.


Prosecutor watched video made by Nur Otan party members… (or illegal fishing in Damba village)

The environmental prosecutor's office took appropriate measures after watching video with illegal fishing made by Nur Otan party monitoring post.


March 26 2013

North Caspian Oil Spill Response Base. What’s left: to move equipment

The construction of the North Caspian Oil Spill Response Base (NCEOSRB) has been completed. The name of the operator is still unknown.


The Archer

The three major features of the steppe warrior’s life were archery, horsemanship and pastoral nomadism. These were the building blocks of the steppe life. And a true man in early days was judged by three skills that he had mastered: the first being the ability to fight, the second ability was to shoot and hit the bull’s eye, i.e. the archery, and the third was horse racing. These were so called “three games men love to play”.  Murat Gabdousalimov, whom I was happy to meet and to talk to, seemed mastered the first two skills very well and now is on his way to the third one.

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March 25 2013

Asyk game competition “Altyn Saka-2013” - the winner was born in Nauryz

In the annual national asyk game Altyn Saka (played with sheep knuckle bones) that was held on March 22 this year the participants were mainly the beginners. And who do you think got the main prize? The winner made himself an excellent gift for his birthday! Nurdaulet who is turning 12 in the month of Nauryz, thanks to his excellent accuracy and dexterity, became the owner of a laptop.


Cyclone from the West: cold weather will be holding till March 30

In the next few days it will be quite cold in Atyrau Oblast. Even there was the storm warning in the area.


March 23 2013

Tonight: Earth Hour with a Candle-Lit Dinner

Millions of people around the world switch off their lights for Earth Hour at 8.30pm (20:30) in their local times on the last Saturday of March each year. In 2013, Earth Hour occurs one week earlier, on March 23.


March 22 2013

Kashagan Public Hearings: the Power of Talking


Atyrau Oblast Governor’s presence among the members of the presidium became a surprise at the public hearings on environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the Kashagan Development Experimental Programme (EP) held in Atyrau on March 20.


March 20 2013

Meltwaters result in tap water outage in Uralsk

Communal services claim they had to cut tap water supply in order to pump out meltwater in the city.


Atyrau traffic limited on Nauryz

Due to celebration of Nauryz Holiday, traffic in Atyrau will be limited for a few days, advised the city administration.


Kashagan vulnerable to oil spills

March 14-15, Almaty hosted the international conference “Industrial Safety in Fuel and Energy Complex. Onshore and Offshore Oil Spills”. The key topic was the start of oil production at the field of Kashagan scheduled for June.


March 18 2013

Kashagan hearings - March 20

Ahead of start of oil production scheduled for next June, NCOC - North Caspian Operating Company B.V. - is to hold public hearings on the outcomes of environmental impact assessment of Kashagan's experimental development program.


Asyk competition to take place on Nauryz. Winner takes laptop.

Ak Zhaik newspaper invites teenagers to participate in the annual Altyn Saka competition - the game of asyk - to take place on March 22.


Strong wind tears roofs off

Sharp fitful wind came crushing down on the city of Atyrau on March 16 bringing a lot of trouble to townspeople.


Prosecutors confirm gap in salaries

Tasked by General Prosecution Office, the oblast prosecutor's office, labor department and employment coordination department investigated into the disproportion in labor remuneration of Kazakh and foreign citizens working in international companies.

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March 15 2013

Invite top managers only, replace the rest with locals - proposal to labor ministry

Kazakhstan's labor and social protection ministry [] has posted a letter from someone named Egemberdy laying down proposals to settle the painful problem of large difference in the salaries of locals and expatriates in Kazakhstan.

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March 14 2013

World class oil and gas training center opens in Atyrau

APEC – Atyrau Petroleum Education Center – opened its doors on March 11 to train, retrain and upskill oil and gas workers. Following the grand opening its first hundred students sat down to desks.

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