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August 23 2012

‘Know-How’ of Aktobe rescuers

Frustrated lifeguards in Aktobe asked beachgoers to tie empty plastic bottles to their swimming trunks to make body recovery easier in case they drown, local media said.


Muslims celebrated Eid

Last Sunday on August 19 the Muslims around the world celebrated Eid al-Fitr (Oraza–Ait in Kazakh) - one of the main holidays, that marks the end of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting.


Hotel in Aktau will host the biggest oceanarium in CIS

A colossal project is being completed in Aktau – construction of a hotel inside a cliff.


Convoyed from Aktau to Atyrau

On 15th August 11 Zhanaozen persons convicted for the organization of mass riots on December 16 - the Independence Day, were sent by prisoner transport from Aktau to Atyrau.


Copper anomaly over the Caspian sea

Industrial development of the Caspian Sea is still ahead. And scientists already register in sea water an excess of maximum-permissible concentration of some types of metals.


Who will be saving the Caspian?

On the eve of the Caspian Day the meeting of the local NGOs with the reps of government agencies that are responsible for the preservation of the sea, took place at the Zhaik-Caspisky Aarhus Center. The Aarhus Center Director Shynar IZTELEUOVA stated with regret that even after ratification of the international conventions, very few people know about them, and they actually don’t work. Although there are only a few months left before the start of the large-scale oil production at Kashagan.


Stepping into fire

In the midst of the season of fires the dispatch center receives more than 8 calls a day. The rescuers told our reporter about the difficulties and happy moments of fire fighting service.


Can Kazakhstan stand upon its rights for kurt, beshparmak and kazy?

At last, Kazakhstan will launch the production of kurt (the Kazakh traditional dry cheese curd - sour milk product) on an industrial scale.

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Son Pascal’s support of the Kazakh language

British singer of Italian origin Son Pascal wrote a song to support the Kazakh language, said the musician’s producer Zhomart Suleimenov.


Kazakhstan stunt actor fights Stallone in The Expendables-2

Kazakhstan stunt artist Baurzhan Abishev took part in the sequel of Hollywood action movie The Expendables, reports.


August 16 2012

New governor assigned

On Aug 15, President Nazarbayev introduced the new governor of Atyrau Oblast Baktykozha IZMUKHAMBETOV.


The 'Drunken Master' rumble

In the evening of August 13 a fight took place between Kazakh and Chinese workers near the dormitory of EurasiaStroyKapital LLP located in the city outskirts. 

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Claim against discrimination

On August 9, for the first time ever a lawsuit on illegal difference in salaries of expats and local citizens in foreign companies has started in Atyrau City Court #1.


Text message to big boss

Couple of months ago Exploration and Production KazMunayGas JSC launched the SMS to General Director Project.


Equipment in - oil out

According to the Customs Control report on six months of 2012 the foreign trade volume of Atyrau Oblast equals $16,749bn.


Temporary Charge d’Affaires of Sweden Embassy visits Aktau

Acting Akim of Aktau Bakyt ULYGBANOV received the Swedish guest Manne VENGBORG.


Japan invests in Atyrau refinery

Atyrau refinery has signed a $297.5mln loan agreement with Japan Bank for International Cooperation and Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ for construction of an advanced oil processing center.


Difficult 10 years together

Marriage and divorce rate is skyrocketing in Atyrau.


Need to make it to the first oil

For a long time Zhaik Caspian Ecology Department of the Environmental Protection Ministry, which is now Atyrau Oblast Ecology Department after re-organization, has been one of the most closed-door state agencies for mass-media and NGOs. The new head Erbol KUANOV claims all these are in the past mainly owing to the changed team in the Environmental Ministry (in the beginning of the year Minister Nurgali ASHIMOV was replaced with Nurlan KAPPAROV). We talked to E. Kuanov about the plans and problems of the department.


Quiet salute to charity

The celebration of the International Youth Day in Atyrau last Sunday had a spectacular ending. At the Isatai and Makhambet Square the citizens launched six hundred flying lanterns, thus, participating in the charity flash mob “Make yourself happy and children.”


Reporters Sans Frontières Award to Kazakh journalist

Lukpan AKHMEDYAROV, the journalist with the independent newspaper Uralskaya Nedelya from Oral city, won the Peter Mackler Award presented by the International Reporters Sans Frontières (Reporters without Borders),  reported Adil Soz, a media watchdog NGO in Kazakhstan.


RAI 1 in Atyrau

A fascination with Kazakh culture and the unique wildlife of the Ak Zhaik River delta brought an Italian television team to Atyrau oblast last week.


Five more days to suffer

The abnormal hot weather will last till the end of the second decade of August. Such unfavourable forecasts are made by the local synoptics.


Green tea instead of meat

How dangerous is the exhausting heat for the health and how to escape it? We put these questions to Venera SHARIPOVA, the Head of Therapeutic Department, City Clinic #7


Kazakhstan is 4th by records at Olympics-2012

Kazakhstan was ranked 4th by records set at the 30th summer Olympics. According to the official  website of the Games, a total of 95 records were set in London: 39 world and 56 Olympic records.


Kazakhstan team ranked 12th by medal count at London Olympics-2012

Kazakhstan Olympic team is ranked 12th by medal count at London Olympics-2012, reports.


Serik Sapiyev tagged Best Boxer of London Olympics

Kazakhstan boxer Serik Sapiyev, who won a gold Olympic medal in -69kg category, was tagged the best boxer of the London Olympics, RIA Novosti reports.


How to respond to harassment?

An outrageous thing happened to one woman during her visit to one of the famous dentist’s of the city

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Nomads and Networks - Iron age nomadic life exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum

The first U.S. exhibition devoted entirely to the nomadic culture of ancient Kazakhstan made its Washington, D.C., debut at the Smithsonian’s Arthur M. Sackler Gallery on Saturday, August 11, 2012.


Representation-in-power rating compiled

The fact of misbalance in the current political elite of the country in terms of regional representation has been confirmed. The data is obtained through the research by IA public foundation within the project aimed to find out the features and content of Kazakhstan’s political elite.


BTA Bank opens yuan account

BTA Bank opened a yuan account in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, reports citing BTA Bank’s press-service.


Trials and tribulations of an Italian in the Atyrau prison

Flavio Sidagni, the ex-financial top manager of Agip, is now serving his sentence in the Atyrau prison #157/1. He was convicted for supplying drugs. 2.5 years ago the AkZhaik newspaper  had published about his detention in the Renco hotel (when he in the company of his friends was smoking marijuana) and about the court case. After the long lasting of correspondence with the Committee for the Criminal-Correctional System in Astana I finally obtained the official permission for meeting with 57-year old Flavio. We met in a dark meeting room with a grilled window.


Girl from Oral took part in World Harmony Run

Liliya Sarsenova ran 2.5 thousand kilometers, promoting the world harmony. The Asian path of a marathon passed from Bishkek to Astana.