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I will stay in Boston until court makes decision - father of arrested Kazakh

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By Ainur Saparova

ReutersReutersCourt hearing of UMass Darthmouth students - Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov - will not be conducted on May 14, as previosly mass media reported, but postponed for a month, Azamat's father, a businessman from Atyrau and a member of city council, Amir Ismagulov over the phone told Ak Zhaik.

He told he had to hire a third in succession lawyer for his son.

"Our current laywer Arkady Bukh expressed protest to holding a hearing on May 14 and requested the judge 30 days to study the case materials. The judge satisfied it. Now, in order to free my son from accusation of obstructing investigation, Bukh is going to conduct advocatory investigations and provide the court with evidence that my son is innocent. Dias Kadyrbayev's hearings have also been delayed," Ismagulov said.

To recall, Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov have been accused of impeding justice. In particular, American detectives suppose that after the Boston twin bombing the two had thrown Dzhokhar Tsarnayev's backpack and laptop to a trashbin, by doing so trying to destroy physical evidence. However, the Kazakh students did not agree with the charges and denied their guilt. At the moment, they are being kept in custody in a federal detention center.

- Recently you met your son in prison. How is Azamat? What is he saying about all these?

"He said "Dad, I have nothing to do with this case". He was very worried after receiving such a serious charge. Now he has slightly calmed down. I believe my son is innocent. If he wanted to help Tsarnayev or was involved in the case, he would try to escape and cover tracks. Moreover, my son was not a friend of Tsarnayev, he was friends with Dias Kadyrbayev."

- How long will you stay in the United States?

"At least until the investigation is over and the court issues a decision. There are many inconsistencies in the son's materials - under no circumstances we will leave Boston until everything is clarified."

Amir Ismagulov pointed out at a very important fact. He says, a Spanish lady friend of his son, who had presented him a BMW 330xi car with a Terrorista #1 license plate on the front bumper, in her testimony stated that "terrorista" is just a frequently used word in a popular song "Harlem Shake".

"In the United States, license plates are pinned down to the rear bumpers. But, in front, you may put a plate with any inscription, that's normal there," says Ismagulov.

Besides, he says a few writers and journalists from Boston sought to meet him:

"They see the Boston case has many dark spots, and therefore want to question everyone who has even the slightest relation to it, so that to draw own version of the events."


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