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The 1st of May Parade in Atyrau (Photos+Video)

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The 1st of May 2013 parade in Atyrau.

The celebration of the Day of Unity of Kazakhstan People in Atyrau started in the morning with the parade on the Makhambet and Issatai square. The columns of people marched along the Satapev street towards Makhambet and Issatai square where they passed the tribune with honorary citizens and heads of local government.

Everything seemed to remind the good old days of May Day celebration: students dressed in costumes of different nationalities, teachers holding flowers made of paper, men holding placards and slogans, colorful balloons in children's hands, cotton candies, the Presidium with honorary citizens and heads of local government, music and greetings announced from loudspeakers. 

Happy 1st of May! Let us live in peace and friendship!   








































































































































































































Photos and video by Zeena Urynbassarova

May 1 2013, 13:41

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