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Head of national oil company commented on accusations in anonymous letter

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Lyazzat KiinovLyazzat Kiyinov COME AND SEE ME WHEN ON R&R

The head of KazMunayGas national company Lyazzat Kiyinov commented on a situation around Embamunaygas production branch.

As it was reported before by AkZhaik (see “Anonyms accuse Embamunaygas manager of corruption), the reason for the scandal was the anonymous letter published on the Internet under the title “Zhanaozen syndrome in Atyrau. Why Embamunaygas doesn't draw conclusions from Zhanaozen massacre?” The letter contains accusations against the current company management of corruption and multimillion thefts of funds.

“I am aware of the details of this issue, but, I think, this is not the place where every instance should be discussed. I was told that appropriate authorities are dealing with this issue. All these issues will be investigated. The only thing I want to say, it was added there that I provide “roof” (protection) for him (Zhoumabek Zhamauov, Embamunaygas general director - WKT). He was appointed a few years prior to my appointment, but I have a principle: those who can work, they should continue to work if they don’t violate. And if they violate, then they should give way to those who work correctly”, - said Kiinov at the briefing in the Service of Central Communications under the President, reported

“I would say that we met with Embamunaygas management not just once. I said that people who work at the production units are those who create benefits to you, as company head you should never forget that. It is not mandatory to resolve every issue that they are asking for, but if the law provides for that, then you should try to resolve the issues. After all, in Ozen (Zhanaozen) everything started from that. I thought that people understood it, but it appears that not all of them understood me. And with regards to those who didn't understand, we will take decisions. We already agreed about it with the management of the company,” said Kiyinov.

Besides, the head of the national company said that after the anonymous letter KMG is prepared to review the working conditions of the oil industry workers.

“I was there and I personally met those people. Those people told me: we are not saying that someone bungled something. We are saying: let's meet, there are issues which we would like to discuss with you, and those heads who were supposed to travel there, they didn't go. They sent messages to their home addresses. Since people have rotational work, the message said that the workers should come to the office during their off-work time (after the rotation). We also discussed with the workers other issues and, I think, that we found a common language with them,” said Kiyinov.

At that, the head of KMG noted that there still exist unresolved issues in Embamunaygas company.

“There are individual issues that require investigation. For example, they say that before they worked 12 hours, and now they get paid only for 11 hours 30 minutes, and the explanation is that 30 minutes are for lunch breaks. We will study this issue. Because there is one moment which needs to be considered. When the person does a rotational work, he does a workload of two people and because there are normative standards at any production unit that you should not exceed hourswise. And during the rotational system if the requirement is for two persons, then one person works in one shift and his back-to-back works on the other shift. Therefore, we are studying this issue and we will make decisions on it,”- said Kiyinov.

April 29 2013, 18:02

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