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January 27

Coronavirus: Refrain from going to public places

The board of public health of the Atyrau region has appealed on its official Facebook page to residents of the Atyrau region with a request to refrain from going to public places.

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January 19

January 11

Central Bridge in Atyrau is closed due to destruction in supports of heating networks  

On the night of January 9th, police stopped traffic on the Atyrau central highway bridge. This was preceded by urgent information from the president of Atyrau Heating Networks JSC Nuradin Shamshatov for the Emergency Situations Depatment and acting Akim of the city Rinat Dzhanglishov.


December 3 2019

Accident at Thermal Power Station leaves Atyrau residents without electricity

Almost half of the residents of the Atyrau region, including the regional centre and the large oil fields, were left without electricity, as a result of an accident at the thermal power station.


November 29 2019

American Bully in Atyrau

The Atyrau Administrative Court examined the case under Article 73-1 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (‘intentionally causing minor harm to health’) in relation to a US citizen. On November 10th at about midnight near Riviera Park Residence, the 34-year old American from Miami, being drunk, entered into a verbal exchange with a local resident and then hit him in the face.


November 27 2019

It Will Be a Long Bike Ride  

Dutchman Peter STEGEMAN contributes to conservation of the environment in our region. He does his best to move around the city on foot only. Besides walking, his long-time passion is cycling in the Atyrau suburbs and further in the steppe. 


November 20 2019

International Fight in a Café

Early on the morning of 16 November, at Fresh and Go Café on Azattyk Avenue in Atyrau, a fight took place between an expat and a local man. It was reported to Ak Zhaiyk, that at about one in the morning, a verbal skirmish arose between the two men, who allegedly were both intoxicated. The fight became physical and other café patrons called the police and an ambulance.


Dog shooting in Atyrau playground during the day  

A video is circulating on social media: in the back of a pick up truck there are the corpses of dogs, an
employee of the shooting service loads a “fresh” dog corpse into the back, all of this is accompanied by
the indignant and angry commentary from the person who took the video. She is a resident of Atyrau,
Bizhamal Karazhanova. According to Bizhamal, the dog was just shot in Almagul near house number 2 in
front of children.


Kazakh Decorated Christmas stockings  

Last Sunday, a Christmas market was held at the Renaissance Hotel with participation of local craftsmen and guest artists from other cities.


November 14 2019

​Hi Delhi, we have a lot worse!

On the website, which shows air quality in real time, on November 7th the point on the map indicating the city of Atyrau burned red, indicating “hazardous”. The highest rate was recorded at midnight on November 7th when the scale rose to 389 AQI (Air Quality Index): in the range of 300-500 AQI, serious negative health effects are possible. Contaminants showed the following levels: PM10 – 494; PM2.5 – 63; S02 (sulphur dioxide) – 46; N02 (nitrogen dioxide) – 19; O3 (ozone) – 22; CO (carbon monoxide) – 145.


October 5 2019

Head doctor of Regional Perinatal Centre charged with murder

It has been revealed that criminal cases are being taken against the head doctor and the obstetrician-gynaecologist of the Atyrau Regional Perinatal Centre. They are charged pursuant to Clause 3.7 of Part 2 of Article 99 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Murder committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, of a person who is obviously helpless).


Head doctor of Atyrau Regional Perinatal Centre arrested on suspicion of bribery

In Atyrau, members of the Anti-Corruption Department detained Kuanysh Nysanbaev, the Chief Doctor of the Regional Perinatal Centre. A pre-trial Investigation in relation to him, has been initiated under Part3 of Article 24 – Section 1 of Part 3 of Article 367 (Giving a bribe by a group of persons by prior conspiracy) and paragraph 3.7 of Part 2 of Article 99 (Murder committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, of a person known to be in a helpless state) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


October 2 2019

Atyrau City Day events schedule

On 1 October, a series of festive events dedicated to Atyrau City Day begins. At 7pm, the opening ceremony of the Jastar Life Forum will be held on Issatay and Makhambet Square.


October 1 2019

Emission from Atyrau oil refinery stirs up city  

On 29 September at the Atyrau Refinery, there was an emission of combustion products. Instantly, photos and videos showing huge clouds of black smoke coming from the refinery chimney were posted by residents on social networks.


September 28 2019

Looks like a mammoth bone  

Posted on social network is news that the giant bone of an ancient animal has been discovered near the village of EsbolInder by a local resident, Dosbol Baygabolov.


September 25 2019

Pay disparity between expats and locals  

As ‘Ak Zhaiyk’ recently reported, at the suggestion of the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Labour Inspectorate is examining companies in Tengiz employing more than fifty foreign workers. During the process it became apparent that while local workers earned good money, the principle of justice was not always respected. Regarding the interim results of the audit, a conversation was had with Iglilik Aubakirov, the head of the Department of the State Labour Inspectorate in the Atyrau region.


September 24 2019

Death at pedestrian crossing: "fast and furios" in Atyrau?  

The driver of the vehicle which hit and caused the death of a 17- year old teenager at the Baimukhanov pedestrian crossing, has been placed in pre-trial detention center for the next two months.


September 23 2019

A teenager died in Atyrau after being hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing  

A teenager died in Atyrau, on the 21st of September at about 9-30am, after being hit by a car. A Toyota Camry, with Russian license plates, hit the teenager while he was on the pedestrian crossing on Baimukhanov Street.


September 20 2019


Dear residents and guests of Atyrau.

We invite you to ‘Night at the Museum’, dedicated to the days of the Kurmangazinsky district, which was part of the Great Steppe History project.


September 16 2019

Experts from the capital believe doctors are criminally liable in case in Atyrau

Atyrau city prosecutor’s office initiated a pre-trial investigation against doctors of the city polyclinic No3 upon the death of a new-born. The previous official investigation and the oversight of an expert have shown that physicians had the opportunity to prevent the fatal outcome.


September 9 2019

Marital life: two rape cases and a murder

“What nonsense – rape of a wife”. With tears in her eyes, Nadezhda Antokhina states her daughter’s statement regarding being raped by her husband was not taken seriously by Atyrau police and prosecutors. Three months later her daughter’s husband once again brutally raped her and then killed her. Nadezhda who is a resident of the Atyrau region says her daughter would be alive had the law enforcement officers done their job properly.


August 31 2019

Stoppage to Hot Water Supply in Atyrau

In accordance with the approved schedule for the overhaul of the heating network, Atyrau Heating Network JSC, notifies there will be a complete stoppage of the city’s main heating network. Consequently, the hot water supply to the city will be turned off from 3 September to 13 September 2019.


August 28 2019

Holiday Events: Concerts and Presidential Visit to Atyrau

The end of August and the beginning of September are full of events for Atyrau as we celebrate Constitution Day on the 30th August, with events also planned throughout the week in the city and throughout the region to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Kazakhstani oil.


June 30 2019

What caused the Tengiz situation

A document has surfaced, without signatures or details, which may or may not be authentic, containing a sequence of events on the 28th and 29th June which allegedly resulted in the unrest at Tengiz. We have published the document in the hope that officials will confirm or deny the events. Below are excerpts from the document.

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