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Coronavirus: Refrain from going to public places

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The board of public health of the Atyrau region has appealed on its official Facebook page to residents of the Atyrau region with a request to refrain from going to public places.

“The Atyrau Regional Hospital and Regional Hospital No. 2 are fully equipped with special infectious wards and equipment. Special exercises were conducted for the hospital and medical care staff to respond quickly and treat patients. The situation in the region is under the full control of the first head of the regional healthcare B. Gazizova,” – the message says.

The Health Department also made recommendations for the prevention of a new disease. At the first symptoms of fever, cough or a runny nose (especially if you have arrived from countries that are infected by the virus), you should immediately seek medical help by calling a doctor or an ambulance, informing them of your arrival from another country. For prevention, you should avoid visiting public places, use a mask for coughing and sneezing and observe hygiene of hand washing.

The Atyrau International Airport, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus in China, passengers will undergo careful monitoring of citizens – scanning using a special device – thermal imager. All passengers arriving on international flights are subject to mandatory medical examination.

To date, there are no recorded cases of coronavirus in the region.

If you have questions or would like further information a 24/7 call centre has been set up: WhatsApp number 8(7122) 980292

By Anastasiya Alyushina

January 27 2020, 09:53

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