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Vaccination will help end the pandemic

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TCO is ready for vaccination and when the workforce will be vaccinated in Tengiz, TCO Policy, Government and Public Affairs General Manager Rzabek Artygaliyev

Mr. Artygaliyev, please tell us when vaccinations against COVID-19 will beginin Tengiz?

As you are aware, vaccines are not available on the free market in Kazakhstan. TCO, like many other companies in Kazakhstan, are waiting for vaccines to become available according to the Republic of Kazakhstan’s vaccination program. As of today, several TCO doctors and medical personnel have been vaccinated under the state vaccination program. We have contacted the RoK Government regarding the purchase and procurementof vaccines to support the Government’s voluntary vaccination program and to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19 among the TCO workforce and in Atyrau Oblast.

Is TCO developing a vaccination plan and how will it be implemented at Tengiz?

, We are currently committed to providing all employees and personnel fact-based information that will help them make an informed decision about receiving a vaccination. Before receiving the vaccine, personnel will undergo a safety briefingconducted by state-approved health professionals. Receiving a COVID-19 vaccination is voluntary. If anyone decides not to be vaccinated, there will be no consequences.  However, e, we should remember that vaccination is an important tool in our defense against COVID-19 and can help ease some of the restrictions currently in place.

We are encouraging our employees to rely on factual and credible sources of information in order in order to make an informed decision about vaccination. If anyone has doubts or concerns about the vaccine, they should consult their doctor and readinformation about vaccines from reliable scientific sources only.

Kazakhstan Muslims religious Administration have confirmed that under the Sharia law, it is allowed to receive a vaccine against Covid-19 in extreme cases. According to latest data 69,000 people have been vaccinated in Kazakhstan since February, so far, no side effects have been registered.

Who will pay for TCO’s vaccinesAndwill Business Partners employees have to pay for vaccination?

TCO is considering the possibility of purchasing vaccine not only for its workforce and contractors in compliance with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s vaccination allocation programbut also for the residents of Atyrau Oblast. Atyrau is our home, and most of our employees and their families live here. Therefore, it is important for TCO that vaccinationsare available not only to workers at Tengiz, but also for local residents. We are working in compliance with RoK regulations on vaccine procurement.

Why does TCO need vaccine supplies? Isn’t it the prerogative of the Government?

TCO’s main priorityis to protect the health and safety of its employees, which is why we operate in accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and follow the recommendations of the authorities. Basically, vaccines are an important tool for protecting against COVID-19. 

March 19 2021, 10:58

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