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Kazakh Decorated Christmas stockings

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Last Sunday, a Christmas market was held at the Renaissance Hotel with participation of local craftsmen and guest artists from other cities.

- “The Christmas market which is held every year is usually organised by expats. This year I
organised it with the help of my foreign friends, - says the exhibition organiser, Dina Gaisina.
Proceeds from the sales go to charity. I gathered about ten craftsmen from places
including Uralsk, Aktyubinsk and Almaty. They sold their products and conducted workshops
on various crafts: woodwork, dollmaking, silk scarves, ceramics and batik.”
On site, there were exhibition tables selling handmade products: Christmas baubles, Christmas
wreaths, Christmas stockings with Kazakh decorations, which are traditionally hung on the
fireplace on Christmas night to be stuffed with gifts. Available also were lovely table runners, aprons,
cheeky Christmas angels (which take about a day to make), key rings, magnets and pendants.
While looking at all this, Frank Sinatra’s composition, ‘Let it Snow’ was playing.
Friends, the New Year is coming.

by Anastasiya ALYUSHINA

November 20 2019, 19:27

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