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January 15 2019

​Uzbekistan tops ranking of diet-related heart disease deaths, while Kazakhstan is in top 10 countries with poorest diets

The countries in Europe where most people die because they eat too much salt and not enough vegetables have been named and shame, reports Tashkent Times.Unhealthy eating is deadliest in Uzbekistan, while Spain and Israel are at the bottom of the table.


Mass death of fish in the Ural River: “KNB might be investigating this, but we don’t know.”

An Interdepartmental Commission, set up under the auspices of the Akimat of Atyrau Oblast, has not yet established the reasons for the mass death of fish in the Ural River, which occurred in early December 2018. A correspondent from “AZh” talked to the Deputy Chairman of the ‘Committee for Forestry and Wildlife’, Nariman Zhunusov in Astana, about this. He reports “still nothing new” in respect of new information as to causes for the fish deaths. 


January 11 2019

“They tied me up with scotch tape and took 23 million tenge”

Three criminals – two young men and a girl - carried out a daring attack on a pregnant woman in her own home,  during which they stole 23m tenge. The incident took place in the residential complex “Tomiris” on Valikhanov Street, Atyrau, on January 8. The police were immediately alerted and after a hot pursuit of the robbers, succeeded in detaining them.


February 29 2016

The Sound of Silence: Life Returns to Normal in Syria as Ceasefire Holds

Correspondents representing news agencies from around the globe have reported a lively atmosphere on the streets of the capital Damascus and other major Syrian cities just days after a ceasefire took effect in the country, according to the German magazine Der Spiegel.


Why Super Tuesday is so important

Super Tuesday is seen as a key turning point in most presidential campaigns and narrows the field.


Cannabis Might be Legalized in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan companies spend annually 100 million US dollars to import office paper. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan has an opportunity to make paper for itself. But, for this consumption, cannabis (non-narcotic) have to be legalized.


​Washington teens killed in shooting were adopted in Kazakhstan: Ombudsman

Washington teens shot to death together with their mom were indeed adopted in Kazakhstan, the Institute of Ombudsman of Kazakhstan confirmed.


​Smuggled Horns and Hides

On February 24, at the check point in Baida village of Kurmangazy District, the frontier guards arrested smuggled goods.


Oscars 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio finally gets his statuette

The Oscar for Best Actor goes to... Leonardo DiCaprio, for The Revenant.


Kazakhstan checking whether teens killed in Washington shooting were adopted in Kazakhstan

Kazakh diplomats continue to verify information on the teen victims of the recent shooting in the US state of Washington, that could have been adopted in Kazakhstan, Foreign Ministry spokesman Anuar Zhaynakov said Sunday.


Former Arsenal star Arshavin moving to Kazakhstan

Former Arsenal star Andrey Arshavin is extending his playing career in Kazakhstan.


February 25 2016

How selfie-related deaths happen

It pops up in the news from time to time: the death-by-selfie. Earlier this month, for example, a teenager in India was struck and killed while trying to take a picture of himself in front of an oncoming train. Now the economics site Priceonomics has attempted to gather the existing statistics about the people who've lost their lives while taking selfies, combing through three years of news reports indicating a death was "precipitated by a selfie," or that a person had died while attempting to take a photo of themselves.


First McDonald’s to open in Kazakhstan

The first branches of fast food chain McDonald's are set to open in Kazakhstan.


​Kazakhstan To See Petrol Prices Rocket Again This Year

Experts predict a resumption of growth in gasoline prices in Kazakhstan in April 2016, which is associated with a deficit of raw materials for petrol production in the republic and the rise in price of imported Russian fuel. According to Sergei Smirnov, an oil and gas market analyst, several factors can cause the rise of prices. First and foremost, it is reduction of the export duty, which allows for more profitably delivery of oil abroad in comparison with its processing at Kazakh refineries.


China accounts for 90 per cent of world’s new billionaires as the number of super-rich swells globally

Despite a global slowdown mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau now account for billionaires than the USA.


Unlocking San Bernardino iPhone would be 'bad for America': Apple CEO

Apple chief Tim Cook on Wednesday said that complying with a court order to help the FBI break into an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters would be "bad for America," and set a legal precedent that would offend many Americans.


Home arrest sanctioned for Seitkazy Matayev

Home arrest has been sanctioned for Seitkazy Matayev, chairman of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, said a reporter from the court's room.


February 24 2016

​Egyptian President to visit Kazakhstan on February 26

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev will meet with President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on February 26.


Harper Lee: US author of To Kill a Mockingbird dies aged 89

Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird, has died at the age of 89.


Kazakhstan To Resume Flights To Egypt In March

Kazakhstan plans to resume direct passenger flights to Egypt in March.


Johnson & Johnson to Pay $72Mln for Talcum Powder That Killed US Woman

A Missouri state jury has ruled that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson must pay 72$ million in damages to the family of an American woman who died of cancer caused by the company's talcum powder.


Top Gear road trip to take Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc to Kazakhstan

Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans have had a drizzly first outing for Top Gear with an open-top drive to Blackpool. But we've learned there's a far-flung location on the horizon, with Kazakhstan among their upcoming destinations.


75 countries officially confirmed their participation in "EXPO-2017"

To date, 75 countries have officially confirmed their participation in the international exhibition "EXPO-2017," said Nurbek Yergeshbayev, Deputy Director of the Department of International Relations "Astana EXPO-2017" NC, reports.


Plastic in Snickers bar prompts Mars recall in 55 countries

Mars Inc has recalled chocolate bars and other products in 55 countries, mainly in Europe, due to choking risk after a piece of plastic was found in a Snickers bar in Germany.