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“Daddy, stop, we are crashing!” UPDATE  in Atyrau

“Daddy, stop, we are crashing!” UPDATE

In the evening of March 29th, a Toyota Hiace car driving along Azattyk Avenue, collided with a Nissan Maxima car while turning towards Balykshi on the “Molecule” ring and drove into a vegetable pavilion afterwards. Behind the wheel of the Toyota was a drunk 32-year-old driver, with his wife and two children in the car. Even before the collision a video recorded the cries of his wife and children: “What are you doing, think about the children!” and “Dad, stop, we are crying!”.  Photo Video April 5 2019, 10:21 4 334 просмотрs
​Chronicles of an unofficial catastrophe in Atyrau

​Chronicles of an unofficial catastrophe

The first public reports of the mass death of fish in Ural River in Atyrau were registered on the 2nd of December, last year. Today, the 7th March, hundreds of thousands of fish carcasses are almost evenly distributed in the thickness of the river ice. These fish, swollen from corpse gas, floated to the surface and were icebound. Underwater surveys prove that more than one thousand tons have decomposed on the bottom, not visible to the eye. The worst thing is that they continue to die. But Atyrau officials believe there is no reason for concern. Photo Video March 11 2019, 10:53 5 661 просмотрs
A dogs Life and Death in Atyrau in Atyrau

A dogs Life and Death in Atyrau

There are a lot of stray dogs in Atyrau. Some form packs, running around the back streets bringing fear to passers-by. Others, on the contrary, remain alone, wagging their tails and trying to be close to people in the hope that a warm hand will pat their head. These dogs are usually the result of them becoming unnecessary and abandoned by their owners on to the streets. These dogs and others await their fait of a poisoned dart. Photo February 15 2019, 12:11 4 075 просмотрs
Why make a fuss about Atyrau FC? in Atyrau

Why make a fuss about Atyrau FC?

The Department of Physical Development and Sports of the Atyrau region began the new year with an announcement of a tender for the amount of 1 billion 922 million 700 thousand tenge for the purchase of ‘training services and participation by the regional football team in the championship and the cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019’. Funds are allocated from the regional budget and applications are being received for the tender. January 22 2019, 20:43 2 931 просмотрs
​The Disappeared: An Inside Look at China's Reeducation Camps World News

​The Disappeared: An Inside Look at China's Reeducation Camps

A million Muslims are being held in reeducation camps in northwestern China, where they are forced to learn Mandarin and sing communist songs, report Spiegel. Ex-prisoners who have escaped across the border to Kazakhstan talk about their imprisonment.On a day in October, with a strong wind chasing the clouds over the mountains of Almaty and carrying the first whiff of damp firewood through the streets, the first Kazakh rises up against China in the back room at a hotel in the city. Kairat Samarkan is his name, a stout man with soft features and big hands who loves horse milk and the stillness of the mountains. He holds onto the lectern in front of him, his eyes scanning the cameras pointed at him, and tries to smile. January 22 2019, 11:24 85 274 просмотрs
​Death toll from Mexico pipeline blast reaches 91, Pemex defends response World News

​Death toll from Mexico pipeline blast reaches 91, Pemex defends response

The death toll from a fuel pipeline explosion in central Mexico last week rose to 91 on Monday as Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) defended its response to one of the deadliest incidents to hit the state-run oil company in years, Reuters reports.Hundreds of people near the small town of Tlahuelilpan in Hidalgo state rushed to collect fuel from a gushing duct which authorities said was punctured by suspected thieves, and dozens were caught in the explosion that followed. January 22 2019, 10:33 71 985 просмотрs