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February 27 2019

Three dead and 20 injured in collision    

On February 26th a major traffic accident on the Atyrau-Uralsk highway was reported to the emergency room controller. A Daewoo shuttle bus, travelling from Uralsk to Atyrau, collided with a Volvo truck. Three passengers travelling in the bus were killed, 15 others sustained injuries of varying degree.


February 20 2019

​Zharaysyn Foman!    

Teacher of mathematics at the Nazarbeyev Intellectual School in Atyrau, Foman de La Cruz decided to learn the Kazakh language. Finding it boring spending hours with text books, Foman, who is from the Philippines, decided to master the language through learning songs by local performers.


February 17 2019

Kostanay policemen presented awards for refusing bribe

The extended meeting of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption Department for Kostanay Region presented for the first time the Adal Zurek breastplates, established by the Kostanay Adladyk Alany (Kostanay Fairness Platform) project office, Kazinform reports citing the departments press service.


February 15 2019

A dogs Life and Death in Atyrau  

There are a lot of stray dogs in Atyrau. Some form packs, running around the back streets bringing fear to passers-by. Others, on the contrary, remain alone, wagging their tails and trying to be close to people in the hope that a warm hand will pat their head. These dogs are usually the result of them becoming unnecessary and abandoned by their owners on to the streets. These dogs and others await their fait of a poisoned dart.


February 11 2019

​Winter Ice Race in Atyrau    

On 10 February, ‘Ice Race’ winter marathon was held for the first time in Atyrau. About 500 people participated in the race. Symbolically named a ‘marathon’, the runners started from the ‘White House’, ran along the embankment to the Atyrau State University and back to the ‘White House’ – about four kilometres.


January 28 2019

Police find body in Atyrau cemetery (UPDATE) ДОПОЛНЕНО

The body of a young woman was found wrapped in a blanket on the 26th January in a Muslim cemetery in the md. Zhuldyz-2 area of Atyrau city. The body displayed signs of a violent death with stab wounds to the chest. Animals had further damaged the body post mortem.


Silence surrounding the death of 36 thousand sturgeon    

A video showing piles of dead sturgeon on the site of the Atyrau branch of the Lugovsky Stud Farm in the suburban village of Kok-Arna, has been widely distributed on social networks. ‘AZh’ talked about this to the branch director, Amanzhan Shaudanov.


January 27 2019

​Chinese drunkenness at Atyrau airport

The inappropriate behaviour of two drunk passengers in the departure lounge at Atyrau International Airport warranted intervention by the airport’s duty police. The miscreants were aged 51 and 41. Both were Chinese citizens awaiting the flight KS984 from Atyrau to Astana.


January 25 2019

​Three people dead in traffic accident on bridge

A head on collision on Aliyev-Satybaldiyev bridge on the night of the 25th January, between a Lada and a Lexus, has resulted in the deaths of three people. The 20-year-old driver of the Lada died instantly, whilst two other people succumbed to their injuries later in hospital.


World Trade Center to be buit in Astana

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has met today with Rolf Draak, a Board Member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), and Mehran Eftekhar, Group Finance and Corporate Services Director at Nest Investments Holdings, Kazinform cites the press service of Akorda.


January 24 2019

Court Proceedings against doctors from the Regional Perinatal Centre, where a woman in labour died.  

Criminal proceedings against doctors at the Regional Perinatal Centre have begun, in Atyrau City No. 2 Court. The doctors are charged under Part 3 of Article 317 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


January 22 2019

Why make a fuss about Atyrau FC?

The Department of Physical Development and Sports of the Atyrau region began the new year with an announcement of a tender for the amount of 1 billion 922 million 700 thousand tenge for the purchase of ‘training services and participation by the regional football team in the championship and the cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019’. Funds are allocated from the regional budget and applications are being received for the tender.


​The Disappeared: An Inside Look at China's Reeducation Camps

A million Muslims are being held in reeducation camps in northwestern China, where they are forced to learn Mandarin and sing communist songs, report Spiegel. Ex-prisoners who have escaped across the border to Kazakhstan talk about their imprisonment.
On a day in October, with a strong wind chasing the clouds over the mountains of Almaty and carrying the first whiff of damp firewood through the streets, the first Kazakh rises up against China in the back room at a hotel in the city. Kairat Samarkan is his name, a stout man with soft features and big hands who loves horse milk and the stillness of the mountains. He holds onto the lectern in front of him, his eyes scanning the cameras pointed at him, and tries to smile.


​Death toll from Mexico pipeline blast reaches 91, Pemex defends response

The death toll from a fuel pipeline explosion in central Mexico last week rose to 91 on Monday as Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) defended its response to one of the deadliest incidents to hit the state-run oil company in years, Reuters reports.
Hundreds of people near the small town of Tlahuelilpan in Hidalgo state rushed to collect fuel from a gushing duct which authorities said was punctured by suspected thieves, and dozens were caught in the explosion that followed.


Kazakhstan to continue evacuating its nationals from Syria

The Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant authorities will continue the humanitarian operation on evacuating Kazakhstani nationals from Syria, Kazinform reports. ‘The operation conducted on January 6, 2019  focused primarily on children aged from 1 to 5. Majority of them was born in the Syrian territory. 


January 19 2019

January 18 2019

​41 people fell ill with measles in the Atyrau region, but, “this is not an epidemic”.

To date, 41 cases of measles have been reported in the Atyrau region. According to Nadezhda Yergaleva, the chief of infectious diseases of Atyrau Health Department, however, this figure does not exceed the epidemiological threshold.


​Kazakh Scientists to Develop Unique Medicine

An innovative product, medicine based on mare's milk, has been developed in Kazakhstan, reports Kazakh TV. Scientists say that the mare’s milk has a range of applications. The medicine strengthens the immune system, normalizes balance of microflora and improves digestion. In addition, it is effective for treating obesity and diabetes. 


Two men jailed for murder of Kazakh Olympic skating medalist Denis Ten

Two men were jailed for 18 years in Kazakhstan on Thursday for the murder of Denis Ten, the country’s first Olympic figure skating medalist, Reuters reports. Ten, 25, was stabbed in Almaty in July as he struggled with two men he had caught trying to steal the mirrors on his car, police said.


Private helicopter crashes in Almaty

A private helicopter has crashed today in the territory of Alatau health center in Almaty, reports Kazinform. The Emergency Situations Committee of the Kazakh Interior Ministry confirmed the information. 


January 17 2019

Appeal to hunters to shoot dogs in Atyrau

The topic of increase in the number of stray dogs in the oil capital was raised during the discussion at the   extraordinary session of the Atyrau city maslikhat held January 15. The head of the city department of Veterinary Medicine, Nurolla Satenov informed that the tender to shoot the stray dogs was awarded to the Private Enterprise (PE) “Zhaiyk”. Four shooters, using pneumatic rifles, shoot darts containing the highly toxic fast acting poison Adelin, killing between 80 and 85 dogs a day.


January 16 2019

Flight attendant smuggled drugs in 'highly organised' ring

Australian police say they have busted a "highly organised" drug ring which allegedly used a flight attendant to smuggle drugs into the country, reports BBC.The Melbourne-based Vietnamese syndicate had been operating for at least five years, Australian Federal Police said.


Abnormally warm weather predicted in Kazakhstan Jan 17-19

Abnormally warm weather is forecast for Kazakhstan in the three days coming, Kazinform reports referring to Kazhydromet.


Kazakhstan’s population reaches 18.37 million.

According to the Statistics Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of National Economy Kazakhstan's population reached 18,376,200 people, increasing by 238.9 thousand people, or 1.3%, year on year, Kazinform reports.