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July 1 2019

The forgotten people of the Eskene station  

6 years ago, the resettlement of residents of the village of Eskene, in the Makat district, to the city of Atyrau did not affect the railway station. The station was withdrawn from the balance sheet of Kazakhstan Railways and attached to the Baygetobinskiy rural district. Since then the station has been in a state of uncertainty, it seems residents will also be relocated but when is uncertain.


June 9 2019

Dozens Detained In Kazakhstan As Nazarbaev's Chosen Successor Set To Win Presidential Election    

Police in Kazakhstan have detained dozens of protesters as the country holds a snap presidential election, with the chosen successor of authoritarian ex-President Nursultan Nazarbaev expected to win easily, reports RFE/RL's Kazakh Service.


Kazakhstan piles pressure on activists ahead of election The interim president, meanwhile, claims he wants public dialogue.  

Authorities in Kazakhstan are escalating the pressure on their perceived foes just as the country prepares to go to the polls on June 9 to confirm its interim president, reports Eurasianet. Some activists have had their apartments subjected to aggressive snap raids, others are being summoned for questioning by law enforcement. In a couple of cases, protestors have been suddenly called up for military service.


Workers at Tengiz demand wage increase  

On 8 June, at Tengiz, approximately 100 workers at Sarens Kazakhstan company went on strike, demanding a salary increase. Videos of the protesting workers at Tengiz quickly spread through social networks and on instant messenger. It became known to Ak Zhaiyk, that after negotiations, the workers were persuaded to disperse to the dormitories.


June 7 2019

​Ural fish killed by liquid chlorine from Atyrau Su Arnasy and improper control of officials

The materials of the investigative-operative group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which completed the pre-trial investigation into the mass death of fish in the Ural River, were at the disposal of “Ak Zhaiyk”. The capital investigators have established direct involvement in the environmental disaster of the Atyrau Su Arnasy Communal State Enterprise (Atyrau Water Authority). This document has not yet been endorsed by the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs however it is unlikely there will be significant changes.


May 24 2019

Atyrau will host ‘Motor West – 2019’ auto show

On May 25th, for the first time, the city of Atyrau will host the auto show ‘Motor West – 2019’. During the exhibition, over 50 cars from all over Western Kazakhstan will be presented; retro, classic, sports and tuned cars. The exhibition will also feature 15 of the most luxurious motorcycles in Atyrau.


May 16 2019

‘Immodest behaviour’. Tokayev gave instructions to the Ministry of Internal Affairs after a video with a policeman on horseback  

President Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev instructed the Minister of Internal Affairs to conduct and internal investigation into the head of the Atyrau Oblast Police Department, Ayan Duisembayev.


May 3 2019

Smooth Transition: New Kazakh Leader Pushes Photoshopped Pictures  

Kazakhstan's interim president, Qasym-Zhomart Toqaev, may be finding life in the spotlight a little too harsh since the surprise resignation of longtime President Nursultan Nazarbaev in March, reports Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.


May 1 2019

Protests are held in Almaty and the capital Nur-Sultan  

Speeches are held in the Central Park of Almaty and near the building of the former congress hall in Nur-Sultan. Participants call for boycotting the presidential elections scheduled for June 9 - the first after the resignation of Nursultan Nazarbayev, who continuously led Kazakhstan for almost three decades, reports Azattyk.


To the attention of residents and guests of the city of Atyrau! Срочно

The bike ride, which was scheduled for May 1 at 17.00, is canceled due to adverse weather conditions (rain) and for the safety of cyclists as  wet roads can be dangerous.


April 25 2019

1 May – ‘Charity Bike Ride Atyrau – 2019’  

On 1 May, a mass bike ride ‘Charity Bike Ride Atyrau-2019’ will be held. The race distance is nine kilometres and will be open to everyone. Car traffic will be restricted during the race.


A murder in Atyrau    

A shocking video has been distributed on social networks - in the residential area of Privokzalny in Atyrau, a man approached another man standing near a car, shot him with a rifle and ran away.


April 15 2019

Atyrau Marathon: man in a kilt and mother with child in stroller    

The annual Atyrau Marathon was held on 14 April in Atyrau, with distances of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km, 3 km and 1.2 km. This year the sports event attracted around 3,000 runners from Kazakhstan and other countries.


April 12 2019

Murdered man buried on shore of river

On 9 April, a brutal murder was committed in Atyrau. Four suspects were detained on the same day by officers of the Atyrau Oblast Police Department and the KNB department. The detained suspects showed police the place where the corpse had been buried.


April 8 2019

Our Atyrau Beauty  

The final of the ‘Miss Atyrau 2019’ beauty contest was won by 17-year-old Asylzhan Nuralina. Competition was tough with 17 other contestants vying for the title, each of whom have passed through the qualifying round. Aside from good looks, all contestants were required to sing, dance and break down and reassemble a Kalashnikov assault rifle.


New Chairperson of the Board of AEO NIS appointed  

By a decision of the Board of Trustees of AEO Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, Svetlana Ispussinova has been appointed the Chairperson of the Board of NIS, reports Kazinorm.


April 5 2019

“Daddy, stop, we are crashing!” UPDATE    

In the evening of March 29th, a Toyota Hiace car driving along Azattyk Avenue, collided with a Nissan Maxima car while turning towards Balykshi on the “Molecule” ring and drove into a vegetable pavilion afterwards. Behind the wheel of the Toyota was a drunk 32-year-old driver, with his wife and two children in the car. Even before the collision a video recorded the cries of his wife and children: “What are you doing, think about the children!” and “Dad, stop, we are crying!”. 


April 1 2019

Lexus driver failed to slow down for unregulated pedestrian crossing.  

On 25 March, a woman was knocked down by a Lexus driven by a 23-year-old on an unregulated pedestrian crossing in Atyrau Avangard near TD Sulpak. The 27-year-old victim was hospitalised in the regional hospital.


Air Astana transfers Istanbul flights to new airport

Air Astana will transfer all Istanbul flights to the city’s new airport with effect from 7th April 2019. The operational move from Istanbul’s existing Ataturk Airport will result in the cancellation of the following flights.


March 22 2019

March 16 2019

Responsible Posting on Social Media

Today, almost all of us have a personal media outlet. Posting or sharing certain content can have serious consequences and may even result in arrest and detention. How do we post and make comment on social networks and not be at risk?


March 15 2019

March 11 2019

​Chronicles of an unofficial catastrophe    

The first public reports of the mass death of fish in Ural River in Atyrau were registered on the 2nd of December, last year. Today, the 7th March, hundreds of thousands of fish carcasses are almost evenly distributed in the thickness of the river ice. These fish, swollen from corpse gas, floated to the surface and were icebound. Underwater surveys prove that more than one thousand tons have decomposed on the bottom, not visible to the eye. The worst thing is that they continue to die. But Atyrau officials believe there is no reason for concern.


March 3 2019

2 years 6 months’ probation for a 19-year old who ran into three girls on pedestrian crossing    

Atyrau City Court sentenced a 19-year old driver who ran into three girls on Atyrau Plaza pedestrian crossing on Satpayev Avenue in August last year.