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Iran And Kazakhstan May Abolish The Visa Regime Kazakhstan News

Iran And Kazakhstan May Abolish The Visa Regime

Co-chairman of the Kazakh-Iranian Business Council Amir Abidi suggested that either the visa regime between the two countries should be canceled, or issuance of visas at airports should be introduced mutually. He made this statement during his recent Tehran-based meeting with Kazakh businessmen, which took place in the framework of the visit of entrepreneurs of the Chamber of Commerce organized by the Baiterek Holding. Representatives of more than 160 Kazakh companies came to Iran to participate in the event, while the Iranian side was represented by over 200 firms. February 16 2016, 11:00 2 751 просмотрs
​Tengizchevroil Achieved A Production Record In 2015 Kazakhstan News

​Tengizchevroil Achieved A Production Record In 2015

Last year, the Kazakh company “Tengizchevroil" (TCO) produced a record volume of oil in its history – 27.16 million tons. “In 2008, the company completed a project for injection of raw gas, and another one for construction of a second generation plant. This increased the daily oil production to about 75 million tons, or 600,000 barrels. The daily natural gas production reached a level of 22 million cubic meters. Last year, the volume of crude oil production was 27.16 million tons, or 217 million barrels. Its a new record for the enterprise in terms of annual production," the press service of Tengizchevroil announced. February 12 2016, 16:54 1 477 просмотрs
A Third Of Kazakhstan's Roads To Become Toll By 2025 Kazakhstan News

A Third Of Kazakhstan's Roads To Become Toll By 2025

By 2025, about 30 percent of roads in Kazakhstan will be toll. Deputy Minister for Investment and Development of the Republic Jenis Kasymbek announced the news on February 9, while delivering a speech at a meeting of the State Interdepartmental Commission on Emergency Prevention and Remediation. “Today, the total length of roads of national importance is about 21,000 kilometers. We intend to switch about 7,000 kilometers into the category of toll roads by 2025, which is about 30 percent of the total length," he said. February 12 2016, 11:45 1 349 просмотрs