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Putin fires Olympic official after publicly ridiculing him

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The Guardian - Putin fires Olympic official after publicly ridiculing him - "How is it possible that the vice-president of the Olympic committee is delaying development?" Putin said after touring Sochi, which has become a huge construction site with the concrete carcasses of unfinished buildings.
With Bilalov squirming in the background, he added: "Well done. You are really working well."

BBC - China rejects Japan radar-lock allegation - China's Defence Ministry has denied Japanese allegations that its navy ships twice put a radar lock on Japanese military vessels last month.

Washington Post - NASA: Asteroid flyby next week will be closest for a space rock so large - The good news: There’s no chance of an impact. At its closest, asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass about 17,000 miles above Earth.

France 24 - 'Horse lasagne' sparks new British food scare - British authorities warned the public not to eat beef lasagne sold by the Findus brand and made in France after tests found it contained up to 100 percent horse meat.

The Daily Mail - German job centre offers out-of-work teenager a position in a brothel - A German teenager was left 'totally horrified' after a job centre offered her work in a brothel


February 8 2013, 15:54

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