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​Tomorrow local popular singer Akmaral Mashimova back on stage after 10 year break

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By Zeena Urynbassarova

Image 0Akmaral Mashimova –popular singer from Atyrau, she was the first to perform the anthem of the city created by local composer Bolat Kokhamanov and poetess Marzhan Ershuova in 1996.

At the peak of her fame she suddenly disappeared from the stage and now after 10 years to long-awaited pleasure of the admirers of her talent she will be performing at the Drama theatre stage tomorrow on December 10 at 19:00 hrs.

Tickets are available at the booking-office. The ticket price is 2000 tenge.

- Akmaral, at the peak of your popularity, when every second citizen was humming the anthem "Atyrau kalam...", you suddenly dissappeared...

– That's right. It was connected with the happiest moment in my life - I became Mom, I have a daughter called Adelina. I decided that I should dedicate my time to her upbringing. She is now 9 years old and she is a very independent child.

– You make an impression of a very strong woman. Tell me about yourself…

– I am a bit straight forward person and have no hidden agenda. I prefer to be open with people and I would rather discuss our differences than stay silent. It helps to eliminate misunderstandings in human relationships. I never overstepped the mark in my relations with friends and with myself. I appreciate kindness. For me this is the most important quality in people. And I appreciate sense of humour. It helps to overcome stresses that are common in our profession.

I am an optimist. When I am down, I don't dwell on my failures. On the contrary, I try to focus on my victories and my mood instantly changes!

– And what you rank as your victories?

– My biggest victory is my daughter. And then my trainees whom I taught to sing. I am proud of them: Khamil Suekbaev, Ella Kurtieva, Bakhyt Turman, Galymbek Esembegenov and many other talented artists!

– The art of singing, what is it for you?

– Singing should be a natural state of any person. If you are in a bad mood, or you are sick and tired, I can give one advice – sing! Let your children sing more often, and you sing along with them. Singing not just improves your mood, but also strengthens immune system! It is good for your health.

– Tomorrow is your concert after a long break. What would you want to wish to your listeners?

- I wish them to open this world for themselves filled with music and sing their most important song in life, so that it is picked up by others and carried further to many more people!

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