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​Atyrau Region Governor B. Izmukhambetov: "Paris is not that far"

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By Murat Sultangaliev

Image 0At the 39th extraordinary session of the regional maslikhat the Governor of Atyrau Oblast (region) Baktykozha Izmukhambetov strongly urged inhabitants to be security-conscious:

– You all know about the latest events in Paris, about the crash of the Russian plane in Egypt. Please don't think that it occurs somewhere miles away. We have adherents of nonconventional religious trends and persons who fight on the side of ISIL in Syria, there are mothers who left their children behind to follow them. I strongly urge the citizens of our region to pay attention to your environment – the times are like that now. In case of appearance of slightest danger I would ask people to report to law enforcement agencies.

November 16 2015, 16:15

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