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“Enemy of Enemies: The Rise of ISIL”, “Arab cartoonists pick up their pens for Paris”, "German scientists develop warm LED", “Uncertainty looms for Myanmar's Muslims”, “Lebanon arrests nine over deadly Beirut bombings"

1 997 просмотрs“Enemy of Enemies: The Rise of ISIL" - Al Jazeera explores the origins and evolution of the world's most feared and powerful insurgent group - ISIL. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has been truly devastating to those it comes in contact with and bloody to those under its control. Its sudden rise and expansion in 2014 has perplexed many. It has humiliated its enemies, including those in Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran and Washington. Armed with extensive weaponry, boasting an international fighting force and adept in the art of digital media propaganda, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has become the de facto authority across an area the size of Jordan.“German scientists develop warm LED" - LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, have long been used in flashlights and bicycle lights - in applications where the main goals have been brightness and battery efficiency. Despite its efficiency and environmental friendliness, the bluish tone of LED light has prevented it from becoming more widespread.But a German invention employing a luminescent material that imparts a warm tone to the light may now make LEDs more of a household item. “Arab cartoonists pick up their pens for Paris"- Arab cartoonists shared their sympathy with France during the aftermath of attacks that killed at least 129 people in Paris. Many newspapers also carried drawings that had political interpretations. Jordanian cartoonist Osama Hajjaj depicted France as a crying, beautiful woman with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Some drawings showed how Europe and the world in general overflowed with support for France, yet neglected to empathise with similar indiscriminate attacks in countries such as Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.

“Uncertainty looms for Myanmar's Muslims" - Despite a historic election promising change, Muslims in Myanmar feel threatened and excluded. Two nights before Myanmar's November 8 election, hundreds of leaflets were scattered on the sun-baked streets of Mandalay, the former royal capital. "It's time for change," they said, echoing the slogan of the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD). But the plain white fliers were not printed by the NLD. Instead, they warned that a vote for the party would lead to a takeover by the 'kalar'- a derogatory word for Myanmar's Muslim minority.

“Lebanon arrests nine over deadly Beirut bombings"- Seven Syrians and two Lebanese detained for allegedly planning deadly explosions and smuggling attackers into country. Lebanese security forces have arrested nine people, most of them Syrian nationals, over their alleged involvement in last week's twin bombings in Beirut that killed at least 44 people, the interior minister said.

November 16 2015, 10:34

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