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​"Atyrau - Almaty" train car was covered with smoke (+VIDEO)

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By Saule Tasbulatova

Image 0Today, November 3, at 12:10 noon, in one of passenger cars of the train # 41 following from Atyrau to Almaty smoke was created.

This was reported by “Passenger transportation" company press service. "Passengers were moved to vacant seats in other cars, and train continued travel. No victims reported. Train will arrival to Almaty according to time schedule. The reason of smoke in the car is under investigation", - reads the report.

The information service reported that it was a regular train, i.e. not high-speed and it departed Atyrau today at 10:20am. It should arrive to Almaty on November 5 at 11:27am.

On video that was sent to our editorial office by an eyewitness who is travelling on that train, you could see that the car actually caught fire.

November 3 2015, 16:00

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