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​“Nur Otan” party has got fire extinguishers to prevent cases of self-immolation

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By Anastassiya Pastoukhova

Image 2On October 27, human rights activists and members of the movement "Civil Initiative of Atyrau" visited the city branch of “Nur Otan" Party in order to present to Party members a fire extinguisher.

The head of “Demos" human rights association Togzhan Kizatova explained to “ AkZhaik" newspaper that they decided to present to “Nur Otan" Party a fire extinguisher purely symbolically so that the representatives of the ruling party remembered about the purpose of this security device – in due time to extinguish arising problems without bringing them to tragic ends. (To recall, on October 24, in Taraz city 20-y.o. Erlan Bektibaev set himself on fire in front of “Nur Otan" party building.)

Already in the foyer of the building this small group of five people was met by “Nur Otan" party employees, who tried to find out the purpose of their visit. Having heard the noise in the corridor, the first deputy chairman of "Nur Otan" city branch Kanat Azmuhanov came out of his office. After they exchanged greetings, the representatives of public tried to hand in a fire extinguisher by saying that it was "a gift".

Thank you, but I can't accept your gift, – repeatedly said the deputy and crossed his hands. – The matter is, that we already have 2 fire extinguishers, and they were purchased at the specialized shop, but I can't accept your gift, because I don't know what is inside it … But why we are talking in the foyer, it would be impolite if I won't invite you to my office. Let's come into my office and have a normal talk. And, please, leave your fire extinguisher somewhere there, and pick it up when you leave.

Additional chairs were brought in, coats and jackets of guest ladies K. Azmukhanov personally helped to take off and hang them in wardrobe. Then he sat down at the table next to public activists.

Do you understand that you as the representative of the ruling party are responsible for what happened in Taraz? – T. Kizatova started. – In Atyrau the situation is not any better: many young people, similar to that orphan fellow, are ready to commit suicide because they don't see a way out from lawless actions of law enforcement agencies and inaction of akimat – the local government administration …

Akimat and Nur Otan Party often mistakenly are viewed as one whole body, but we are not. Our business is monitoring and … – K. Azmukhanov tried to have a dialogue.

– … 90% of members of your party hold important posts in various departments, they can, if they listen to the people, make amendments to invalid laws and adopt new, correct, laws that would work for the benefit of the people, and not against them, – continued public activists without listening.

Yes, undoubtedly. But I would like to explain to you the key points of work of our party so that you understand …

– … You know how people call “Nur Otan" party? – continued public activists, interrupting the deputy. – The party of corrupt officials!

Let's not speak like that, please … – Azmukhanov became red in the face, but on even tone tried to finish his thought: – And so, our main business is monitoring. People approach us and on the basis of their statements …

You should initiate a normal investigation in Taraz, because the death of this young guy is on your conscience and the conscience of your party colleagues!

You see, our party is also a public organization, just like yours …

Members of your party lead various government bodies. What are they doing? We don't see their work!

– You are simply not informed about the work of the party …

– You need to find and punish the policeman who is guilty of the boy's death!

– But, dear! How can we punish? There are law enforcement agencies. But anyone can file a petition to us and on the basis of that document we can appeal to prosecutor's office, then initiate an investigation and further the situation will show… Please, let me finish… To punish? We? You see, we …

– Get involved, at last, in orphans' issues! Don't you feel sorry for that boy who died?

– I am sorry, I am also a father … I will explain to you what our work involves…

– All you're doing is glorifying Elbasy (the Leader of the Nation), that's what you do. Look, on all of your walls there are no portraits of happy people that you helped, but photos of the President.

– Why not? I like him and respect this person …

Another 20 minutes the conversation proceeded in the same spirit and when emotions, at last, started to calm down, it became clear that after the Taraz tragedy they installed 2 fire extinguishers in the foyer of Atyrau branch of Nur Otan party building right next to entrance doors.

Yes, we have a special fire-prevention board, but, so far, fire extinguishers will stay here, – said Azmukhanov.

By the way, similar action of "delivery of fire extinguisher" also took place in Uralsk city on the same day. Members of public organization "Abyroi" came to Nur Otan party building with 2 fire extinguishers and Erlan Bektibaev's photos. But public activists could not hand in fire extinguishers to the first deputy chairman of the West Kazakhstan branch of “Nur Otan" party Serik Suleimen, moreover, he refused to go out and talk to visitors.

Photo taken by the author

October 28 2015, 16:52

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