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Krasnoyarsk «Millenium» circus is in town!

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Image 1For the first time big circus arena from Krasnoyarsk arrives to Atyrau! FIND the COUPON in Ak Zhaik newspaper published on October 15 and RECEIVE the DISCOUNT of 1000 tenge!

Children will see performing animals: Galapagoss turtle, African leopard, macaw and cockatoo parrots, pigeons, pythons, raccoons, skunks, charming Japanese spitz-dogs, Himalaya bear, 1 meter long huge maine coon cats, trained stallion.

Adults would enjoy the performance of “live steel" man who juggles with huge automobile tires, lifts the ATV with his teeth, inflates hot-water bottles and tears them. One more exclusive trick – acrobat biker Vladimir and Irina Kuskovs and Bogdan Gaidarzhi acting in a genre of Icarian games (type of acrobatics) and the performance is on moving motorcycles on arena! These folks worked in European circuses!

Professional equilibrists and trapeze artists - Ruslan and Elena Rudenko once performed in eminent French Circus du Soleil! Each trick is very expensive and qualitative. Skilled actors who are able to catch buzz will perform for you.

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We also have our own show ballet and, of course, the clown – what circus would be without him? So, hurry up!

Look for the coupon in Ak Zhaik newspaper issued on October 15 and present the coupon at cash desk and receive discount of 1000 tenge!

The circus is located on the territory of “Merei" market in Avangard.

Contact phone: 21-22-23

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