Atyrau paid last respect to Nyrlan Balgimbayev (+PHOTOS, +UPDATE)

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By Zulfiya Bainekeeva

Today, October 16, the funeral of the former prime minister of the country Nurlan Balgimbayev took place in Atyrau. In the morning at the house of the deceased (on river embankment near “Atyrau" sanatorium) Muslim ceremony of zhanaza-prayer was held and farewell ceremony took place at the House of Culture named after Dina Nurpeissova.

The night before at Atyrau airport about 20 charter flights landed that arrived from various regions of the country with high-ranking officials and well-known businessmen who wished to say goodbye. All more or less luxurious hotels of the oil capital were occupied by the people who arrived to the funeral.

Karim Masimov, the prime minister of Kazakhstan participated in the ceremony who read condolence speech on behalf of the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev and the government. Other people were - businessmen Timur KULIBAYEV, Alexander MASHKEVICH, Patokh SHODIEV, Nurzhan SUBKHANBERDIN, Zeynolla KAKIMZHANOV, the RoK Minister of Energy Vladimir SHKOLNIK, his deputy Uzakbai KARABALIN, "KazTransOil" CEO Kairgeldy KABYLDIN, the head of "KazMunaiGas" Sauat MYNBAYEV, TCO CEO Tim MILLER, senator Lyazzat KIINOV, majilisman Ahmet MURADOV, the politician Zharmakhan TUYAKBAY (N. Balgimbayev's son and Zharmakhan TUYAKBAI's daughter are married), Tolegen MUKHAMEDZHANOV, Oraz DZHANDOSOV and others. Atyrau Oblast Governor Baktykozha IZMUKHAMBETOV expressed condolences on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister Dariga NAZARBAYEVA, the Minister of Defence Imangali TASMAGAMBETOV, Mayor of Astana Adilbek DZHAKSYBEKOV, Mayor of Almaty Bauyrzhan BAIBEK. The vice-chairman of the Senate Kairat ISHCHANOV read the telegram from the upper house of Parliament.

From local former and current officials there were Esen TASKINBAYEV, Ravil CHERDABAYEV, Sagat TUGELBAYEV, Nurpeis MAKHASHEV, Duysenbai TURGANOV, Sarsenbai ENSEGENOV, etc.

Nurlan Balgimbayev was buried at the patrimonial cemetery, that is called among people as "Orbita".

Photos taken by Zulfiya Bainekeeva and Tamara Sukhomlinova

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October 16 2015, 15:22

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