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The night Tengiz stopped (update)

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From the evening of January 2 through the morning of January 3 Tengiz industrial complex was cut from electricity supply, informed Assylbek Utegaliev, deputy head of the department for civil defense, prevention and response to accidents and acts of nature.

Power failure in Tengiz may result in emissions of sour gas containing hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere.

But, according to Erbol Kuanov, the director of oblast ecology department, no emissions were registered in that interval.

According to Svetlana Kairgaliyeva, TCO's public affairs manager, partial power outage at production facilities at Tengiz occurred due to failures in the operation of one of power generation turbines, as well as a malfunction in trunk power network of KEGOC, local grid company.

In accordance with process safety rules, operation of integrated process line of oil stabilization  and gas processing (KTL), sour gas injection complex (SGI) and second generation plant (SGP) was suspended.

On January 3, when power supply was restored, the turbine was restarted and production  resumed.


January 4 2013, 09:24

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