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“Greek crisis endgame: EU agrees to allocate €80bn+ over 3 years”, “KZ's Endangered Antelopes Dying By the Thousand”, “UK runaway teen marries Aussie Ginger Jihadi, who warns ISIS is 'itching to attack' UK”, “Winter Olympics more than a Snow White Tale"

946 просмотрs “Greek crisis endgame: EU agrees to allocate €80bn+ over 3 years"- After 17 hours of marathon talks, the eurozone leaders have reached an agreement over a third three-year bailout for debt-ridden Greece worth around €82-86 billion, which averts the risk of the country leaving the eurozone. Kazakhstan's Endangered Antelopes Dying By the Thousand" - More than 120,000 saiga antelope have been confirmed dead in central Kazakhstan, more than a third of the global population of this critically endangered mammal. Wildlife experts believe that a combination of environmental and biological factors is contributing to the die-off. “UK runaway teen marries Aussie Ginger Jihadi, who warns ISIS is 'itching to attack' Britain – report"- A British schoolgirl who traveled to Syria to join ISIS, is reported to have married the Ginger Jihadi, an Islamic State militant from Australia who has vowed to fight the US and UK until black flags fly over Buckingham Palace and the White House. Abdullah Elmir, an 18-year-old Australian who is nicknamed 'Ginger Jihadi' for his long red hair has confirmed to the Mail on Sunday that he married 16-year-old Amira Abase, one of the three British schoolgirls who made a one-way journey from East London to Syria back in February to join Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Iran, world powers edge towards nuclear deal, but major issues remain"- Iran and six world powers are closing in on a historic nuclear deal. However, unresolved issues still remain between the sides and no agreement is expected to be announced on Sunday. “Winter Olympics more than a Snow White tale" - Lack of natural snow is considered as a challenge for Beijing's bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, while its sole competitor, Kazakhstan's Almaty, has plenty of natural snow and real winter conditions. “Saudis Pump Record Crude as OPEC Sees Stronger Demand in 2016” - Saudi Arabia told OPEC it raised oil production to a record as the organization forecast stronger demand for its members' crude in 2016. The world's biggest oil exporter pumped 10.564 million barrels a day in June, exceeding a previous record set in 1980, according to data the kingdom submitted to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. The group expects demand for its crude to rise in 2016 compared with this year as supply elsewhere falters and consumption growth quickens.

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