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Buried warrior of Oguz period uncovered in Atyrau

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Image 2A buried warrior of Oguz period was uncovered in Terekty area of Atyrau region.

"Excavation works have been carried out by students of Atyrau State University during the summer practice. It is notable that the warrior was buried together with his horse. Moreover, in the tomb the students found a sword with the length of about 1 meter, arrowheads, mail armour which length is more than 1 meter and a horse harness. Judging by the size and weight of the iron chain mail, which is about 20 kg, it was designed to protect the horse.

All materials, which were found by young archaeologists, indicate that the burial belongs to the period of Oguz, IX-XI centuries. Oguz tribes manufactured horse chain mails," said Aniya Yermagambetova, head of the educational-scientific laboratory of archeology, director of archaeological and ethnographic museum of Atyrau State University named after Dosmukhamedov.


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