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​Atyrau beaches like in Antalya?

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By Anastassiya Pastoukhova

Image 0On June 20, in Atyrau the beach season will be officially opened. We've learnt that two beaches in the city – one near sports center FOK and another one in Zhilgorodok are not only ready to receive the first vacationers, but also are going to pleasantly surprise them.


According to Kalybai Sarsekenov, the leaseholder of both beaches, they are cleaned from reeds and canes, so that people could relax and not worry about mosquitoes. This year they delivered 5 trucks of small-grained sand. In equal intervals around the perimeter of the beach dustbins have been installed, that will be emptied on a daily basis, and that it besides the general cleaning of beaches. Currently they are cleaning the river bottom from garbage and installing anchor buoys.

- By June 20 on the beaches there will be functioning 2 dry closets on a paying basis. They will cost 50 tenge. I think, the citizens would agree to pay that money so everything is kept clean, - say the owners of beaches. - Chaise lounges, umbrellas, cafe, trampolines, slopes and even free wifi - all this will be provided in this season.


Businessmen directed their main efforts to the beach in Zhilgorodok:

- Have you been to Turkey? We tried hard to make it look similar to the resort, - say our beach businessmen. - We brought water supply to the beach, and by June 20, we plan to establish shower cabins. We planted 170 poplar trees on the territory of the beach. In a few years time they will create shadow from the sun and be an excellent alternative to beach umbrellas and canopies. There also be a cafe and a bar, we installed protective mosquito grids – because the main flow of vacationers will be in the evening, after work when mosquitoes appear. And for those fans who enjoy sunbathing – the waiters will approach them from time to time and offer drinks.

Businessmen fenced a site for mini-park with attractions for children and adults: machines, trampolines, slopes, shooting gallery, volleyball field. In the evenings together with city Mayor's office they are planning to organize activities for youth, families, as well as charity events and concerts.

- What measures will be taken for safety of vacationers?

- We will try to pay a special attention to that. For kids on both beaches inflatable pools will be installed where they can bathe under supervision of parents. On both beaches 8 rescuers will be on duty: 2 on the coast (1 on the tower, the 2nd among vacationers), 2 more on boat behind anchor buoys. We hope that these measures will help to respond rapidly to emergency situations.

As for anchor buoys, we will measure the depth and install them on dangerous points and areas.

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June 12 2015, 11:06

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