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​Atyraulians grieve the death of a popular Kazakh artist Batyrkhan Shukenov

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By Zulfiya Bainekeeva

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Commemoration meeting of Batyrkhan Shoukenov, popular Kazakh singer and composer was held in the evening of April 29 at Issatai and Makhambet Square in Atyrau.

More than one hundred citizens of various ages gathered together to sing favourite songs composed by Batyr (pet name of Batyrkhan Shoukenov) such as "Julia", "Otan Ana", "Rains", "Unloved", "Your steps"...

The spontaneous appeal to hold such meeting was circulated in social networks a few hours before the event.

At the same time, without having an account on Facebook, in edition the townswoman by the name of

The citizen of Atyrau called Natasha called the editorial office and said that she doesn't have an account in Facebook, but wants to know the place where Batyr's fans could put the flowers:

- I am absolutely shocked, people don't know how to react. I want to print Batyr's photo and put it somewhere on the square where people could bring flowers. So many people grieve and want to express it, but they don't know how.

In the next three hours Natasha and her husband found a frame of a suitable format, printed Batyr's photo on a canvas, covered it a layer of protective varnish, bought candles and flowers and it was ready by 9 o'clock in the evening. They came with Batyr's portrait and flowers to the Issatai and Makhambet Square.

The portrait will be on the square today and until tomorrow evening, till the end of the funeral that was scheduled for tomorrow in Almaty.

… Batyr was from the rare breed of show business people who left a bright and honest trace behind him. He was the star of show business, but he was never mixed in scandals of show business life.

One may not appreciate his music, but it was impossible not to respect him …

April 30 2015, 12:53

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