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Concert dedicated to 90th anniversary of Nurgisa Tlendiev will take place on Makhambet Drama Theatre stage

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By Zeena Urynbassarova

Nurgisa TlendievNurgisa TlendievOn March 28, Saturday, at 5 pm, the festive concert dedicated to the 90th anniversary of a prominent Kazakh composer and musician Nurgisa Tlendiev will take place at Atyrau Makhambet Drama theater.

Atyrau Academic Folk Instruments Orchestra named after Dina Nurpeissova will perform the music pieces created by Nurgisa Tlendiev. The orchestra will be conducted by its chief conductor Orak Zhaurov and conductors Rakhila Koulsarieva, Gaziz Karabupin.

Tickets are sold at the theater booking-office from 9:00 till 18:00 or could be purchased from the distributor. Mobile phone: 8 702634 7456 (Altynai). Ticket price is 1000 tenge.

Nurgisa Tlendiev, a prominent Kazakh composer and dombra player was born and grew up in Almaty region. He finished Conductor School of Moscow Chaikovsky Conservatory.
He was the chief conductor of the Kazakh theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Abai (1953—1961), the Kazakh Academic Orcheastra of national instruments named after Kumangazy (1961—1964). Then he founded the similar legendary orchestra called “Otrar Sazy” and was its chief conductor till his death (1981—1998). He created over 500 musical pieces and his music was used in more than 20 movies, over 40 drama plays.  

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