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Celebrated New year on a lunar calendar

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By Tamara Sukhomlinova

On February 21, in the House of Culture named after Kurmangazy (in Zhilgorodok) the Korean ethno-cultural center celebrated Solnal holiday - New Year on a lunar calendar.

Everyone was invited to the event.

In the foyer the guests were treated with Korean national dishes – steamed pies “pigodi”, snow-white rice “chimpens”, sweet crusty “kadyuries”. Those who wished learnt Korean calligraphy during master classes, as well as making rice rolls. The event organizers taught to play national Korean games.

At the end of the event the concert program was organized with participation of "Sarang" choir, ensemble of drummers "Samulnori", other amateur cultural teams from other ethno-cultural centers.

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February 24 2015, 11:24

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