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Maslenitsa festival

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By Anastasiya Pastoukhova

On February 22, in the last day of Maslenitsa (Butter Week before Lent), the Atyraulians organized folk festivals.

Charming grandmothers from “Sudarushka” ensemble performed on an improvised stage in front of one of the large shopping centers. Everyone was treated with pancakes with various stuffings and tea from a samovar. Kids enjoyed different contests and relays where they won prizes.

The festival was crowned with the presence of the main character of this holiday – Maslenitsa, embodied in an effigy from straw and rags. The effigy wasn’t burnt in celebration of the end of the winter (as it is required by the tradition), but, nevertheless, there are all grounds to believe that the spring is coming soon.

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February 23 2015, 11:35

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