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Bleeding Gas in Zhanbai village

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Potential Oil LLP that is engaged in developing Zhanatalap field, thought up a gas utilization method that is convenient to them, but very dangerous to surrounding persons, method of a way of utilization of gas around.

According to Erbol KUANOV, the head of Atyrau Oblast Department of Ecology, the oil producing company during the night time bled gas off through flare system, without burning it.

– In order to avoid payment of huge fines for gas flaring, they at night time, simply opened the flare system and bled gas off, – said Kuanov. – It’s similar to opening gas burners without putting the gas on. The inhabitants of neighboring Zhanbai village several times complained about the smell of gas and that they had headaches. When we went to the field to do inspection, everything seemed to be ok. There was no flare in the flare system.

But then I personally went to check during the night if the rumors were true. I could hear the noise of the gas that they were bleeding off through the opened pipe. And the flares were not burning.

According to Kuanov, in accordance with gas utilization project, the company took obligation to used it for their own needs, in this case - for generation of electric power.

– If there is surplus electric power, then they should provide electricity to the village, – says Kuanov. – If they have excess gas, then again, they need to clean it and supply it to the village free of charge. They don’t give anything to the village people, moreover, they poison them.

– Since when was the company practicing gas bleeding at night time?

– According to Sapargali ABILOV, the area supervisor, the company started to have excess gas after putting into operation 13 flowing wells. This happened this year. We completed an unscheduled inspection act and we will try to stop this gas bleeding practice through the court. They don’t have the right neither to flare nor to bleed it off.

– Will the company continue its operation?

– If we suspend the production of 13 flowing wells, they can lose the field and, generally speaking, lose oil …

– Why don’t you raise this issue then?

– If need be, we will stop the company operations. This type of violation is a huge failure for the company. They extract 430 tons of oil per day, this is about 3 000 barrels. If we multiply it by 100 dollars then it is  40-45 mln tenge a day.

According to Kuanov, such types of violators are not uncommon in our region. In the city, at least, it’s been a while since we are suffering from such “operators”.


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