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Putin's spokesman dismisses 'stupid' Asperger's claim

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President Vladimir Putin's spokesman has angrily dismissed a Pentagon study that claimed the Russian leader had Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism.

"That is stupidity not worthy of comment," spokesman Dmitry Peskov told news website late Thursday, reports.

His comments came after USA Today reported that a 2008 study carried out by an internal Pentagon think tank, the Office of Net Assessment, suggested that Putin has Asperger's syndrome, giving him a need to exert "extreme control" on his surroundings and is uncomfortable with social interaction.

Experts studying his movements and facial expressions in video footage theorised that Putin's neurological development was disrupted in infancy, giving him a sense of physical imbalance and a discomfort with social interaction.

The Pentagon played down the study, saying it apparently never made its way to the desk of the defense secretary or other top decision makers.

February 6 2015, 15:52

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