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Isekeshev and Shkolnik are arriving to Atyrau

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By Laura Suleimenova

Aset IsekeshevAset IsekeshevOn February 5 the RoK Minister of Investments and Development Aset Isekeshev and the Minister of Energy Vladimir Shkolnik will be arriving to Atyrau for working visit.

The Ministers’ trip to the Western Kazakhstan will last for three days. They first will visit Mangistau Oblast, then West Kazakhstan and Atyrau Oblasts.

In Atyrau the official part of the visit will start on February 6. In the first half of the day it is scheduled to visit the “National Industrial Petrochemical Science and Technology Park” site where the Ministers will get acquainted with the production of polymeric products of Polimer Production LLP. Then they will visit BatysAlyansStroy LLP and AtyrauNefteMash LLP. They are planning to have a meeting with the heads of large enterprises of the region in AtyrauNefteMash. After lunch in the regional Governor’s office  there will be an exhibition of local producers and the forum on development of local content which will be finalized with signing of memorandums.

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