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Low visibility may have caused AN-2 plane crash in Zhambyl region

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KTK TV Channel PhotoKTK TV Channel stop-frameThe Kazakh Committee for Emergency Situations is blaming fog and reduced visibility during landing for the crash of AN-2 aircraft in Zhambyl region.

The AN-2 aircraft owned by Karaganda-based Olymp-Air company crashed near Shatyrkol mine in Zhambyl region at 15:40 p.m. local time, refers to

Specialists of the committee say that fog and poor visibility might be the reason for the crash.

Earlier it was reported that 3 crewmembers and 3 passengers were killed in the crash. One passenger - a woman - had survived and rushed to a hospital.

The survivor's name is A. Shayakhmetova. The 29-year-old survivor is currently in an intensive care unit of a hospital in the town of Shu. Ms Shayakhmetova and three other passengers killed in the plane crash are employees of Kazakhmys Corporation.

A special commission has been set up to determine the cause of the deadly accident.

January 21 2015, 06:08

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