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Kazakhstan among countries with highest police presence per person

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Photo courtesy of courtesy of is among the TOP-10 countries by police personnel density per citizen, refers to  

Statista graph based on the data of the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime shows that Kazakhstan occupies the sixth position among the countries in the world with about 448 policemen per 100 thousand citizens.

Half of the countries in the TOP-10 are European. Adding Russia and Turkey to the bunch would make it seven.

The most policed country in the world is Russia. There, police represent 565 people per 100,000 of the population. The next is Turkey with 475 police personnel and Italy is third with 467 police personnel.

The lead three countries are followed by Portugal, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

It is worth noting that the rating only includes countries with a population exceeding 5 million. Moreover, police personnel are defined by the UNODC as those working in public agencies responsible for the prevention, detection and investigation of crimes and apprehension of alleged offenders. 

November 26 2014, 19:06

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