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We will not survive after another such summer

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The Oblast Commission for Environmental Protection unveiled the black list of air contaminators in Atyrau.

Rysty KUTTYGULOVA, Director of Republican Scientific Research Center for Protection of Atmospheric Air, said the list includes large facilities such as Atyrau Refinery, Atyrau Oil Pipeline Agency, city dump and Tukhlaya Balka (a landfill behind refinery). 

Another factor of air pollution is the increasing number of vehicles. Elevated concentrations of dust, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide have been registered at the busiest streets of Satpayev, Taimanov, Azattyk, Auezov and Makhambet Avenue. 

According to ecologists, further actions to relief roads should to be taken, in particular, the city needs more road interchanges.

The main environment pollutors are industrial entities. Kuttygulova says in the last 2 years exceeding maximum allowable concentrations by 1772 items have been detected near industrial facilities and areas surrounding the mentioned city dump and Tukhlaya Balka. That's south-east and north-west sides of the city.

Exceedence in nitrogen dioxide, inorganic dust, lead and its inorganic compounds, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, phenol, ammonia and carbon monoxide were registered in autumn-winter period. It's clear that in summers negative impact from these on health of citizens amplifies.

Ecologists and medics unanimously believe the increasing death rate in the region is directly connected to toxic emissions.

- We live in a kind of reservoir inflated with these compounds. The landfill alone is more than enough. Especially in +40C hot. We will not survive after another such summer. This issue is not just talks and discussions. It's a reality! emotionally concluded Galina UMBETALIYEVA, Lab Director in Analytic Environmental Protection Laboratory LLP.


November 14 2012, 10:30

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