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Kazakhstan chief health officer recommends refraining from Hajj this year

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Today worldwide the Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome rages, the greatest number of cases is registered in Saudi Arabia, in this regard the chief health officer of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhandarbek Bekshin recommended Kazakhstan citizens to refrain from Hajj commission this year, refers to

According to Bekshin, the Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome, or coronaviruses is especially dangerous infection which has a high lethality up to 70%. About 700 cases have been registered now; from them about 300 cases have lethal outcome. The greatest number is registered in Saudi Arabia that is more than 400 cases, 115 from them ended with a lethal outcome. The majority of cases is registered in such countries as Kuwait, Qatar, and there were drifts in others, even to the European countries, such as England, France, and also the American continent. 

"We don't interfere with Hajj, but have to notify the population on this situation and ask to refrain as far as possible from a trip this year, or to postpone it to other period of the year. The World Health Organization doesn't consider it as full quarantine, but considers a situation very serious," the chief health officer of Kazakhstan said. 

July 30 2014, 13:07

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