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Supersausage was consumed fast

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By Tamara Soukhomlinova

On March 29 the visitors of one of city supermarkets consumed 10-meter sausage.

The huge meat product was produced in Taraz city and was intended to be a present for the citizens of Atyrau for Nauryz celebration. But due to bad weather conditions in Kostanai and Aktobe the sausage arrived to our city a week later.  

According to the producer, such huge sausage was made of 50 kg of beef and 7 kg of natural spices:

- The sausage of such size was produced in Kazakhstan for the first time.

The manufacturing technology was similar to the standard production. Minced meat was filled into sausage casing, boiled and then smoked.

Supersausage turned out to be very tasty and was consumed by supermarket visitors just in a couple of hours.

Photos by Kanat Eleuov

March 31 2014, 11:48

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