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“Proton-M rocket carrier launched from Baikonur cosmodrome”, “France may assist KZ in preparations for EXPO-2017”, “Astana to receive 350 buses on natural gas from France in 2014”, “KZ delegation presents the country's anti-nuclear initiative"

1 131 просмотрs “Feeling Economic Pressure, Kazakhstan Takes Sudden Action” - Kazakhstan joined a growing list of emerging economies under pressure as its central bank moved to devalue the country’s currency on Tuesday. Kazakhstan delegation presents the country's anti-nuclear initiatives at an international conference in Mexico” - A Kazakhstan delegation presented the country's position on the need for further coordinated efforts of the international community to reduce nuclear weapons during the 2nd International Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, held in Nayarit, Mexico on February 13-14. “Astana to receive 350 buses on natural gas from France in 2014” - French company IVEKO BUS and the Astana LRT JSC have signed an agreement on delivery of 350 IVEKO buses on natural gas to Astana in 2014.

“France may assist Kazakhstan in preparations for EXPO-2017” -  France offers Kazakhstan its assistance in preparations for EXPO-2017 international specialized exhibition in Astana, this was announced during today's Kazakh-French Business Council in Astana, Kazakh media reported. “Proton-M rocket carrier launched from Baikonur cosmodrome” - Baikonur cosmodrome has launched Proton-M rocket carrier with Turksat-4A c, the press service of Roskosmos Russian Federal Space Agency reported on February 15. “Genetically modified potatoes 'resist late blight' - British scientists have developed genetically modified potatoes that are resistant to the vegetable's biggest threat - blight. A three-year trial has shown that these potatoes can thrive despite being exposed to late onset blight. Russian Pilot Jailed in US Appeals to Putin for Transfer- A Russian pilot sentenced to 20 years in prison in the US for drug trafficking has appealed to President Vladimir Putin to facilitate his transfer back to Russia, his lawyer said Sunday. In his letter, Konstantin Yaroshenko said he was critically ill and urged Putin to personally contact US President Barack Obama about his case, Russian media has reported.

US Accuses Russia of Contributing to Syrian Conflict- The United States’ top diplomat accused Russia on Monday of hindering a peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria by supplying its government with arms and aid.

Rihanna Joins Campaign for Gay Rights in Russia - R&B star Rihanna has announced she will join the ranks of a group of international pop celebrities campaigning in support of gay rights in Russia. “Push for Eurasian union bogged down in persistent technical difficulties”- The Eurasian Economic Union is the next step in the integration of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, due to be launched in 2015. The integration of the three countries started in 2010 with the Customs Union, then the Common Economic Space in 2012. But the big defect of this process is that it has developed too rapidly. Without solving the problems of each level of integration, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan declared the next level. 





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