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“After Sudden Devaluation, KZ Protesters Besiege National Bank”, “Kazakhstan Devalues Amid Outflows From Emerging Markets”, “IOC chief Bach appreciates China's support to Olympics”, “Women empowered by PLA careers”, “Yes, KZ should change its name"

1 257 просмотрs “After Sudden Devaluation, Kazakhstan Protesters Besiege National Bank” - Protesters in Kazakhstan’s commercial capital, Almaty, forced their way into the National Bank on February 12 to confront the country’s top financial officials over the sudden devaluation of the tenge, which wiped a fifth off the value of the currency in one fell swoop the previous day. “Kazakhstan Devalues Amid Outflows From Emerging Markets” - Kazakhstan’s central bank devalued the tenge by the most since 2009 as reduced bond buying by the U.S. Federal Reserve sparks capital outflows from emerging markets and the currency of its main trading partner weakens. “IOC chief Bach appreciates China's support to Olympics”- Beijing's bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games will help promote sports development in the world's most populous country and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) appreciates China's support to the Olympic movement, said IOC president Thomas Bach here on Friday. “Women empowered by PLA careers”- A sailors' life on the ocean waves was once beyond the wildest dreams of wome like Almira Jumadel, who comes from a small city on the China- Kazakhstan border. “Yes, Kazakhstan should change its name. This map shows why” - Life-long Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev has suggested changing his country's name to to "Kazak Yeli" to make it friendlier to investors and tourists. “CHINESE ECONOMIC AND SECURITY AID IN EURASIA – ANALYSIS”- Lagging growth globally has financial analysts concerned. Sequestration and tighter budget controls domestically have virtually every government department, bureau, and office seeking cost-saving measures. How, where, and to what extent the U.S. delivers humanitarian aid and economic assistance among developing nations is under review. “Kazakhstan pivots away from Russia with name change proposal” - It looks like Kazakhstan’s leader is about to make U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s life a little easier. President Nursultan Nazarbayev has proposed changing his country’s name to Kazakh Eli, dropping the “stan” that links it to its Central Asian neighbors (and, apparently, throws off foreign dignitaries like Kerry, who notably once referred to “Kyrzakhstan” in reference to neighboring Kyrgyzstan).“Official: Iran, Kazakhstan Trade Balance Hits $122mln”- Iran and Kazakhstan have increased the volume of their trade transactions to $122 million in the first seven months of the current Iranian year (March 21-October 22, 2013), a senior trade official announced.





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