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"More than 1,100 migrants rescued off Italy in one day", $5M Stolen Stradivarius violin recovered in Milwaukee, mayor says", “Kazakh steppe lakes boast the Dead Sea healing properties”, “Kazakhstan boosts grain exports to meet 2013/14 target”

1 232 просмотрs haven hunt turns up few bargains” - Fans of apocalyptic fiction know there is almost always somewhere to run to. Fugitives in The Day of the Triffids find a triffid-free colony on the Isle of Wight. Survivors of the tidal wave in The Day after Tomorrow huddle in the New York Public Library. So where can emerging market investors hope to find refuge from turmoil? The most obvious strategy, say fund managers, is to understand the nature of the financial storm and then flee to where it is unlikely to follow. "More than 1,100 migrants rescued off Italy in one day" - Italy's navy has rescued 1,123 people from inflatable boats in the space of 24 hours, as clandestine migration from North Africa reaches record levels. "Kazakhstan freestylers to participate in first competitions of Sochi Olympics"- Today, one day prior the official opening of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, qualification competitions in three sports started. In mogul skiing, freestyle type, Kazakhstan will be presented by Yulia Galysheva and Darya Rybalova. They are to fight for the place in a semi-final of the competitions. 

"Kazakhstan national hockey team beats France at EuroChallenge Cup" - Kazakhstan national team starts EuroChallenge Cup with a play against France team, reports. "$5M Stolen Stradivarius violin recovered in Milwaukee, mayor says" - Authorities in the US state of Wisconsin say they think they have recovered a rare Stradivarius violin valued at $5m (£3m) stolen last month. “Kazakhstan to allocate over $1 billion for geological prospecting within next 5 years” - About $1.03 billion (160 billion tenge) will be allocated in the Republic of Kazakhstan in a period until 2020 for the development of the geological prospecting sector and the mineral resources base, Asset Issekeshev, Vice Premier and Minister of Industry and New Technologies, announced on Thursday.

tengrinews. "Container traffic between Europe and Asia through Kazakhstan grows 61%"- Kazakhstan national railway operator Kazakhstan Temir Zholy transported more than 16 million tons of cargoes by rail in 2013 and its container traffic grew 4% against the previous year, said Askar Mamin, the company's president. “Kazakh steppe lakes boast the Dead Sea healing properties” - Astana homeopath Olga Makhmudova has proved that salinate fields of Central Kazakhstan posses unique healing properties. “Kazakhstan boosts grain exports to meet 2013/14 target” - Kazakhstan exported 5.3 million tonnes of grain between July 1 and February 1 and looks certain to hit its official export target of at least 9 mln tonnes set for the current crop season, Agriculture Minister Asylzhan Mamytbekov said on Wednesday.



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